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DrupalCon Baltimore Rainbow Power Gay Meetup or Event?

Anyone going to DrupalCon Baltimore? Why not meet other queer people that work with Drupal?
Let's plan something.

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A DrupalCon Dublin sponsor looking for a 'Social Event' venue.

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a venue for a Drupal social event in Dublin during the DrupalCon (26 till 29 September). Ideally, reasonably close to the Convention Centre.
A place that serves drinks and some simple food would be great. It doesn't have to be rented out completely, mixing with people is fun!

Any tips from you locals? :)
Many thanks in advance!

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Drupalcon New Orleans

It's time to start submitting sessions for Drupalcon New Orleans. https://events.drupal.org/neworleans2016/news/submit-session-drupalcon-n...

Submission deadline is the end of February!! Would love to see a ton of sessions submitted from our great Women in Drupal community. If you have an idea, please submit those sessions today!!

Also, we have started the work on planning this year's Women in Drupal reception. The venue has already been picked out. If you are interested in getting involved, please message me.

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"DrupalCon Exposed" The Open Mic Podcast, Episode 3

The third episode of The Open Mic podcast is out now and available for download here - http://www.opin.ca/en/article/open-mic-episode-3-drupalcon-exposed.

The hosts discuss their experiences at past DrupalCons, and what they expect from 2016.

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Florida Drupalists Going to DrupalCon Los Angeles?

Quick roll call - who's going to DrupalCon Los Angeles?

I'll be there...


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DrupalCon Latin America - Embracing Diversity

Cross-posted from DrupalCon Latin America

Photo Credits: Jeremy Thorson

English / Castellano

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Video de la presentación "Drupal 8 Console (scaffolding module generator)"

Esta presentación la realice con David Flores durante el ‪#‎drupalcon‬ Latino en Bogota.


Gracias a Omar Aguirre, Eduardo Garcia por el gran trabajo apoyando en mantener este proyecto y a todas las personas que han contribuido con alguna linea de código, traducciones, documentación, agregando/reportando issues o haciéndonos llegar sus comentarios.

Se aceptan sugerencias y comentarios ya que estamos interesados en mejorar el proyecto y continuar presentando en otros eventos.

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DrupalCon Latin America

DrupalCon Latin America has received 223 talk proposals from 143 speakers from 23 different countries!

The breakdown of potential speakers by country is:

USA: 42
Brazil: 23
Mexico: 13

Costa Rica: 9
Peru: 8
Colombia: 7

Spain: 5
United Kingdom: 4
Belgium: 4

Ecuador: 3
Guatemala: 3
Bolivia: 3
Argentina: 3

Canada: 2
Germany: 2
Australia: 2

Nicaragua: 1
Chile: 1

Portugal: 1
Switzerland: 1
Serbia: 1
India: 1

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dc amsterdam session

I love this group and am very interested in helping out to spread the word that Drupal might be more then a system spitting out webpages or even rss ;-) I propossed a session on DrupalCon Amsterdam for this. If it gets selected I welcome your help with examples and ideas. If you have any questions wrt the sessions, please comment on https://amsterdam2014.drupal.org/session/drupal-things

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DrupalCon coming to Los Angeles (May 11-15, 2015)

DrupalCon is coming to Los Angeles, Spring 2015!

We are all excited at the great news that DrupalCon will be held in Los Angeles in Spring 2015. Final dates to be announced, here's the official website: https://losangeles2015.drupal.org

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