List of examples to be created for views_plugin_examples

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Here we need to create a list of example modules to be created for a brand new project:

Please feel free to chip in with ideas.

  1. Pager plugin - Done by merlinofchaos (D6)
  2. Style plugin
  3. Row style plugin
  4. Display plugin
  5. Access plugin
  6. Area handler
  7. Query plugin
  8. Argument default
  9. Argument validator
  10. Cache plugin
  11. Custom Exposed Filter (eg. substring search over several fields with one search box)
  12. Views Tree w/ ability to group by Storm project
  13. Date Views integration
  14. Your idea here

Note: This was posted original to a new group specific for the project, but it was rejected by the g.d.o maintainers - they pointed us to use the views developers group instead.