Supported gateways

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There are several gateways that are supported.

Gateway Information

Txt Local is a large gateway service in the UK. Unsure if they work in the US

Txt Local module

Clickatell is a large gateway service.
Clickatell Module

E-mail Gateway

E-mail gateways are useful for sending and receiving test messages for development. Bulk use of this gateway has not been tested.


From the Gnokii website:

gnokii provides tools and a user space driver for use with mobile phones under Linux, various unices and Win32. With gnokii you can do such things as make data calls, update your address book, change calendar entires, send and receive SMS messages and load ring tones depending on the phone you have.

Gnokii allows you to send SMS messages through a command line interface. You can essentially build your own gateway using any of the supported phones.

A module for gnokii is currently in development. Some more details here


From the Kannel website:

Kannel is a compact and very powerful open source WAP and SMS gateway, used widely across the globe both for serving millions of short messages (SMS) and pushing WAP service indications.

There is a gateway module for kennel available from here. The Generic gateway module (see below) could also be used with Kannel.

Mobile Muse

Mobile Muse is a gateway service that is free in Canada for non-profits. Sending and receiving messages using Mobile Muse is currently supported. This gateway is currently available for 5.x version only.


sms_twilio - sends messages via the service.


sms_mobivity - sends messages via mobivity

Mobile Commons

sms_mobile_commons sends and receives messages via Mobile Commons


The Lox 24 gateway is a german gateway located in Berlin. It offers different price rates depending on your current account balance. You can charge your account and determine the quality of service you wish to use. The module currently only supports sendings sms and will be upgraded to receive sms in Q2/Q3 2010.

My SMS Mantra

The My SMS Mantra gateway is an Indian Gateway. This would work only for Indian Mobile Numbers


The Envaya SMS module works with EnvayaSMS, a free Android app supporting send and receive for SMS and MMS.

Generic gateways

Where an exact gateway module is not available for your preferred gateway, you can try using Simple gateway which could, in theory, be able to handle any gateway that provides an API though HTTP GET or POST.

Gateway comparison

This is a current breakdown of existing gateway modules. These modules have been tested and are ready for use.

Gateway Send Receive
Txt Local
Mobile Muse
Mobile Commons
Lox24 not yet
My SMS Mantra

TextMagic Ltd., a provider of text messaging solutions, develops and markets web- and Internet-based SMS communications solutions for businesses, agencies, developers, and individuals.

SMS Framework

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