VIDEO RECORDING tips for cameramen, COORDINATION, EDITION (templates) and PUBLICATION on web

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21th night (social event)
I request a meeting of 5 minutes to list the video-cameras for covering the sessions.
It should be perfect to have three video-cameras from different angles in each session.
9 cameramen in total and 5 sessions of record for day and a total of 10 hours of recording for camera.
At the moment THE VIDEO-TEAM,


The 22-23 Federico and CONSEN will coordinate the coverage of the three parallel sessions, the video-shoots and interviews of the conference, to edit:

1.- A video-library (Open-Source) with all the technical sessions for training objectives (Drupal Foundation has to decide the format to be used. In this case .ogg can run perfectly).

2.- A set of interviews and round-tables to discuss the main points with the key-speaker of the conference. (All interested have to provide onepage text with 5 questions and 3 slides of presentation. Please contact me). Web publication in 2weeks.

3.- A short promotional web-video-spot / video-news for dissemination of DrupalCon events and Drupal community (we are preparing the screenplay for D.Foundation approval).

Federico is the director and coordinator of the event recording.

Norbert is the editor of the videos of the technical sessions to do the videoteca library (final edition of the last session in Christmas. One for week approx) D.Foundation has to provide bandwidth?
Norbert will provide in this Forum a list of tips for taking care non-professionals cameras when they record the sessions (3 persons for session recording from different angles was the most suitable).
The speakers also have to take care of these advices and warmings.
The most important for recording is to guarantee a good lighting.

A camera with quality for CDs and a good lighting system is very important for interviews and conference shoots.

Seems that following the Norbert instructions and tips for the sessions Personal Cameras with a good lighting it will be enough.

thanks in advance for your interest and collaboration,
PS: You can request to the VIDEO-TEAM a budget for your Individual Video-Spot, taking advantage of the TVset, professionals and cameras. This supports to fund DrupalCon.


List of Available Cameramen for session

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Day 1: Friday, September 22nd

9:30 S0 Welcome ->

10:00 S11 Core modules
10:00 S12 Releasing contributions
10:00 S13 NINA
10:00 Q1 Corner -> V1

11:15 S21 Articles
11:15 S22 Forms API
11:15 S23 KNOSOS
11:15 Q2 Corner -> V2

13:30 S31 Web Design
13:30 S32 Access/Usability
13:30 S33 Training ->
13:30 Q3 Corner

14:45 S41
14:45 S42 Module development
14:45 S43 Testing
14:45 Q4 Corner -> V3

16:00 S52 Views API
16:00 S53 CCommons- CiviCRM
16:00 Q5 Corner -> V4

17:15 S6 Closing remarks ->

Day 2: Saturday, September 23rd

09:30 S7 --
10:00 S81 Microformatsl
10:00 S82 Multimedia
10:00 S83 Themes
10:00 Q6 Corner -> V5

11:15 S91 User experience
11:15 S92 Website University
11:15 Q7 Corner -> V6

13:30 S101 Development platform
13:30 S102 Multilingual site
13:30 S103 TASK-FORCE ->
13:30 S104 Form API

14:45 S111 Events
14:45 S112 JQuery
14:45 S113 Security
14:45 Q8 Corner -> V7

16:00 S121 Answers
16:00 S122 Wiki
16:00 S123 Caching
16:00 S124 Security audits