edit permission to author after publishing the node in workflow

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I am working on a small health care website. Where currently workflow is installed and configure.

In this site currently the Author can create document then the document goes into review state. if Admin ( no editor required ) found the document correct then document goes into published state.

Now, we are trying to do,
1. Author should be able to edit the published document to add the next information in the same document.
2. Once the document is edited by the author it should move back from published -> create state.

Any one has done /configured this type of workflow.

Thanks in Advance.

Nikhil Kala.


That could be done with some

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That could be done with some quick code in hook_form_alter() but I don't know of any contrib modules that will let you configure this in an admin screen. You could however institute a "best practice" in your organization that mandates that users change their workflow state back to the create state when after editing a node.