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Actively maintained modules

Module 6.x 7.x 8.x Usage Downloads Notes Info as of
BAT --- Mar 17 --- 265 7703 BAT is a framework for building booking tools. It integrates nicely with FullCalendar JS to allow you to manipulate and display events on a calendar and it makes and has availability search built in. It is built by the same team that manage the Rooms module and the new version of Rooms will use BAT. If you are looking for a generic tool and flexible tool to customize to your needs this might be a good starting point. Apr 2017
Availability Calendars Mar 13 Mar 16 Migration to BAT is more likely to be seen as the future of this project. 2755 121976 Allows for availability calendar fields to be attached to entities. It is useful for showing availability on websites for small accommodation providers. Apr 2017
MERCI Jul 12 Sep 15 486 31514 MERCI can extend any content type into a list of unique reservable items (like studios) or buckets of interchangeable items (like DV cameras). We followed the approach used by Organic Groups, Feed API, and Scheduler and added MERCI's configuration to the Edit tab of those content types. Lots of documentation. Apr 2017
AGReservations Sep 13 May 14 --- 233 32952 This module provides resource management (including a booking calendar) and allows you to offer some resources on a daily basis and others on an hourly basis. Users can signed in or not, can book resources and pay online via the Ubercart online Shopping module. More information is available from AGReservations including screen casts. Apr 2017
Booking Time Slots Sep 15 Dec 15 131 15535 Provides Time Slots Booking functionality. Apr 2017 API - May 14 - 36 5922 Not a module but a framework for Drupal developers to work with XML data from to present selections of hotels on your website that match your target audience. Apr 2017
Open Hotel - Oct 13 65 57313 Open Hotel is a Drupal 7 Distribution that helps you create a full featured Hotel site with online booking and online availability. Features: Online Availability, Online Booking, Multilingual, Photo, Galleries, Responsive Design, Google Analytics E-Commerce Integrated, Free and Open-Source, Easy to integrate with any payments processor and Search Engines Optimized. No official stable versions yet. Apr 2017
Planyo - Dec 15 42583 95 8557 This module is a bridge to Planyo online reservation system - a flexible online booking system for any kind of resources such as hotel rooms, holiday apartments, yacht rentals, driving schools, tennis courts, doctor appointments, events etc. Apr 2017
Resource Booking Jan 12 Oct 13 - 205 7881 Resource booking module provides a widget that can be included in any content type and enable resource booking. The module is developed for Drupal 7 as the Booking API and Events Booking module is not available on Drupal 7. Apr 2017
Resource Conflict Feb 11 Mar 14 - 409 13599 This module allows for users to book resources for use during events. For example, a student can book a microscope for use within their lab. It has been rebuilt around Rules and Entities for Drupal 7. It detects conflicts/overlaps between two date-enabled nodes, and lets you respond with Rules. By default, this module throws a form error for every overlapping date it finds among conflict-enabled nodes. It is intended to be customized using Rules, for example to only throw errors when certain field values are identical. It integrates with the rules_forms module to let you set a form error, or you can handle the conflicts another way if you like. Apr 2017
Reservations - Jul 14 - 117 17413 Reservations consists of an API that enables nodes of any content type to be reserved based by users by role. The project includes multiple sub-modules including Reservation UI which provides a Reservation Request -> Confirmation -> Checkout -> Checkin workflow driven Views making to easy to modify. Additional modules can enforce custom validation, add pricing, or add additional availability to the basic hours of operation. Apr 2017
Room Reservations - Dec 16 - 203 6403 Room Reservations is a module for making and managing room reservations. It was developed by Randall Library at the University of North Carolina Wilmington to allow students, faculty, and staff to reserve group study rooms within the library. However, it can be employed by any organization to provide an easy to use room reservation system. Apr 2017
Rooms - Jun 16 - 2020 80024 Drupal Rooms is a booking and room management solution for hotels, vacation rentals and B&Bs. More information is available from DrupalRooms including a screen cast of the functionality. Apr 2017
Simple Reservation Aug 11 Dec 13 Jan 14 254 13541 a simple and easy way to reserve items. Examples for it's usage can be hotel rooms, boats, cars Apr 2017

Sandbox projects

(none at the time of writing)

Module 6.x 7.x Usage Notes Info as of

Not actively maintained modules

(i.e. with no new releases within the last 6 months or has a status of not actively maintained)

Module 6.x 7.x Usage Notes Info as of
Bookings API Feb 2011 - 180 An API that takes care of general booking functionality, with arbitrary time granularity. Jan 2013
Event Bookings May 2011 - 67 Event Bookings integrates the Bookings API functionality with a date enabled node - aka "Event". Jan 2013
Hotel Booking System for Ubercart Aug 2011 Mar 2012 272 A hotel booking system for Drupal and Ubercart. It does not manage individual rooms, but rather lets you create room types, and set how many of each type are available for specific dates on the calendar. Jan 2013
Lending Apr 2011 - 1 Allows for requests to borrow an item, and the ability for a librarian to check in and out the item. For a small club that has a member lending library of items. Jan 2013
MRBS Mar 2009 Jun 2012 122 A free, GPL, web application using PHP and MySQL/pgsql for booking meeting rooms or other resources. This very simple module offers single sign-on integration with MRBS and Drupal. The module uses Drupal user accounts, permissions and sessions with MRBS. Currently the module has only been tested when MRBS is installed in a subdirectory of Drupal root directory, but it should be quite easy to modify it for other installations. This project has a status of maintenance fixes only Jan 2013
Public Bookings Aug 2011 - 96 Public Bookings allows registered and unregistered users to book predefined resources. These booking requests can then be approved, rejected, or modified by an admin, with notifications to the user. Jan 2013
Reservation Feb 2011 Dec 2012 26 This module brings the possibility to create forms which let users reserve things you define using CCK. Appears to aimed at booking seats in cinemas, restaurants and theatres. This module has development code for Drupal 6 and 7 but the only official release is Drupal 5. The status of this project is no futher development. Jan 2013

Personal preferences

rblush (Jan 2013)

My requirements
* Booking of the main hall or the terrace room of the local village hall. Either of these rooms could be booked in conjunction with the bar or kitchen
* Bookings are charged by the hour with different rates for locals, outsiders and businesses. "Events" can book the hall for a number of consecutive days at a discount rate
* Bookings may be paid for in advance or in arrears and a deposit may be taken
* Clubs and societies have repeating bookings that happen every week, every month or every year. Repeat bookings may have "holidays" such as Christmas or August
* Access codes change on a weekly basis and need to be broadcast to hall users.
* Details of public events need to be published/publicised but private events need to be shown as unavailable.

The screen casts for AGReservations are not easy to follow because the author delves into too much detail without explaining concepts first. Initial impression based on these screen casts is that AGReservations is very flexible but very complex. I will review some other systems but I suspect I will have to investigate this module further because I need room booking by the hour and most system focus on hotel bookings.

Initial impression is that this is a very good module that focuses on equipment although appears to cover office rooms (rather than bed rooms). I think I'll take more indepth look at this option.

doublejosh (Mar 2011):

My specific use case is a site managing a number of bed & breakfasts if anyone has any specific advise for me. Top choices look like Bookings API and Availability Calendars. They both have a two year history and look pretty mature. The Bookings API appears to be more flexible, but Availability Calendars appears to be spot on my use case and already has a stable D7 release. Though I'm in D6, I would like to update soon.

ScottBaetz (May 2015):

Rooms looked fantastic, however I needed hourly reservation with payments. For those seeking the same Rooms can not deliver, many have tried, none have succeeded. Just saying.

Rooms Reservations - also looked fantastic for granular control of reservations, but is NOT ECOM configurable at this time.

Sam (Nov 2015):

And did you find any solution, Scott? It shouldn't be that hard to modify Rooms (Roomify), but I will need to check on that.

Ronald (Jan 2016):

For all those looking for hourly bookings and generally a more flexible system I think BAT should be a good framework. We built it from the ground up as a generalized booking framework to handle all sorts of different scenarios. This blog post offers more info.

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