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This group is for anyone interested in booking systems. The main focus should be on whether it's feasible to come up with a booking system api for drupal that can then be extended for a myriad of different functionalities.
But, also to discuss any other booking type systems that exist for drupal, these may also offer the chance of integration into an api.

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Internal reservations

I'm searching for a product reservaton/booking system for my members. I need a reservation/booking system where the members also can do reservation and booking business with other members like conference rooms, meeting rooms, tools, jobs etc.

The most important is the possibilitie to let members rent/sell their own products and show their availability to other members and let the customers (members) be able to hire the product.

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Is anyone using a room booking module?

Setting up a calendar system for events with room bookings as we have over 20 rooms in our system and need to ensure not over-booking. I am trying to use Resource Booking module: and right now having difficulty with multiple events, like Monday night series for 6 weeks.

wondering if anyone has used that module or has other solutions for booking rooms for events.

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Tell Us What You Want and Your Requirements


The first line probably starts like "we are developing a new booking XXXX".

So we won't start it like that, rather tell us what you look for in a booking system; what industry are you planing to deploy this in? What features and functionalities you absolutely must need, and what others you would like to have but is not critical.

Are all your bookings based on a fixed timeslot? fixed duration or do they vary?

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Drupal Hotel Booking Distribution

We're in the process of building a Hotel Booking distribution.

The goal is to have a full featured hotel/appartments site out of the box.

Essential features will be online availability, online booking, multilingual, search engine optimized.

You can visit the distribution homepage at

Currently, it is based on drupal rooms, but we'lre looking into other alternatives as well.

We anticipate to have a first alpha version ready to download in the next 1-2 weeks.

We'll be glad to have your feedback, suggestions, comments.

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full booking system

I am in charge of developing a website for tour-group booking
In the detail I want that organizations (sport team, or a school, or a group of people) will have the possibility to organize all the trip in the website.
From accommodation to amusement and local transport(don’t need the flight or train to get there, just the local organization of the trip)
That means that in my web site I want to host several service suppliers, accommodation suppliers, transport supplier, sightseeing supplier and so on to advertise their offer

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Booking system between to different type of Users

I need to create a booking system between two categories of user type
Cat A and Cat B
1- i want each of them to have his own calendar.
2- Cat A book in the calendar of Cat B.
3- each user has his calendar and no one see the others booking event.

Can any one help me with it ?

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Booking API and webform integration


Is this possible to add fields to or customize the Public Booking form request ?
Or maybe integrate the Booking API in webform ?

Thank you for your help.

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small project outsourcing | Our Best Service

Employment type: 

I am looking for help in customizing the Booking Timeslots module in a hurry.

Here are the details:
- able to book a timeslot only 2 months in advance
- only able to book once in a month
- bookings are in pending state until admin change it to booked state
- booking auto-expire 3 days before actual booking date, if still in pending state
- bookings allowed 1 per time slot, at custom timeslot for content types

Need this done in 5 days urgently (by 25 July), interested please revert asap with your
estimated total fees. Thank you.

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Comparison of Booking System modules

New module - Date Tweaks - to enhance the Date Widget

I've submitted a new module, Date Tweaks, that enhances the Date Module to provide the following functionality
* Adds in Baron Schwartz's date-time javascript functionality
* Maintains the date's duration - so when the start date changes, the end date also changes
* Adds in Willington Vega's dropdown time picker. By default, this timepicker replaces the standard timepicker

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Museum/Festival/Theatre ticketing systems and Drupal

This wikipage contains information about available modules to connect Drupal to Museum, Festival and Theatre Ticketing Systems

Tessitura Tessitura module developed by the Science Museum of Minnesota
Gateway Ticketing Systems -
ActiveTickets custom module for Eye Institute Netherlands, built by OneShoe; custom module Fakkeltheater, built by PureSign
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New module (eventbookings) to support bookings from an Event - ie. a node with a date field

I've created a new module that creates bookings from an Event - i.e. any node with a date field. It is built off the bookingsapi module and can either be used along side or instead of the publicbookings module. The project page is at

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bookings api: add resource days/times

I am working with bookings API-- have all modules needed enabled - I entered a room but can't figure out how to enter days/times available - I work for a public library system with 9 buildings and community rooms in each - when I edit the resource it open booking in Views and I am not sure how to configure to have times available for each room--any help much appreciated

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Experienced Drupal Module Developer | uShine

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

Dear Drupal Community,
we are looking for a top Drupal developer with good ideas and the interest to start uShine in Germany. uShine is an innovative booking platform that makes beauty and wellness offers searchable, comparable and bookable. If you are interested to be part of something new we should get in contact.
The next development we need (you for) is a fork of uc_hotel - a list of requirements and technical specifications can be provided through the private message function.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested or have any question
Many greetings,

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Bookings API / Public Bookings


this is just a short documentation and roadmap for the Bookings API and Public Bookings modules.

At the moment Bookings API (6.x-1.0) is using an own, custom resource-type. Using nodes is not possible at the moment (I am writing on a new version which will use a node-based resource-type (6.x-3.0) but so far it is NOT usable). Thus it's not needed to add a custom node-type.

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New online booking system for Drupal

Just wanted to anounce our online reservation system Planyo that also comes with a Drupal plugin. I'm in the process of integrating the plugin with Drupal itself but for now you can download the module on our website.

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Granular day view calendar

Hi guys,

I'm new to drupal and not sure if this medium is a forum , module suggestion or both but I can use the help of some experts on booking systems in drupal.

I have searched the internet for a particular drupal module but I have not found a suitable one.

I need a module that would aid a particular booking/reservation assignment with the following characteristics.

  1. It can be modified so that the calendar day view will show each hour in quater, third or half hourly divisions rather than one single hour
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Problem running MERCI as staff run solution

John brought this up at our internal PCM meeting yesterday. I'm surprised it hasn't come up before.

There is an issue running MERCI as a staff run solution. Even though a staff member in a role with the Administer MERCI permission can change the author of a Reservation to be the user making the reservation, the validation functions for availability based on role and time are written to check based on the logged in user... not the the author.

MERCI wasn't designed to be a staff service solution.

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MRBS integration

I had to create a Drupal - MRBS integration for a client and I just published it on

This is very easy solution for those with booking needs in intranet environments. Using this for public web sites means you have to do separate theming for both Drupal and MRBS. It is not a substitute for real Drupal based booking engine, but it works and it's fully functional right now.

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As anyone who's created a project that utilizes Drupal's CVS knows, the process takes some effort... but once the project is created, the benefits of the issues queue, tacking updates, reviewing patches, etc outweigh the effort of getting the project started.

MERCI can now be downloaded from

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