Code Review Administrators

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List of Code Review Administrators

The Review Administrators listed below have, and use, access to grant full project release (i.e. vetted git status). This is technically called a "Git administrator" on

If you have completely reviewed an application, and need it to be "fixed", please consider finding these people. BUT be nice about it, they are busy people as well.

What is Git Admin access

Please read the documentation to find out what it means to be an administrator and how to get it. But keep in mind that ANYONE CAN REVIEW APPLICATIONS; please see the how to to get started.

List of applications needing Review by Code Review Administrators


There are currently 12 issues

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There are currently 12 issues in RTBC including 1 that is 6 days old:

There are 30 projects in RTBC

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Dear git admins!

I just looked at my project status (, and found out there are 30 projects in RTBC, including one that is in this status for 6 weeks...
I'm aware of the load that you have and I would like to thank klausi for his hard work reviewing my module and other community peers for doing the same.

Is there anyway that you release this bottleneck?
In the new method of review your peers, I reviewed 12 projects and more than 5 peers reviewed mine. Maybe you can change the approval process so only a single git admin review and approval will be needed to push a project to production?

If not, can you make an effort and push the projects to production? I believe it will push innovation forward among the community,

Best Regards,

He has a good point

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RTBC means the module works, right? At least in the context of the reviewer.

So what is the problem here?

RTBC, with no serious PAReview errors (whatever that means) should be an automatic promotion after 2 weeks with an a prominent Pending Sandbox Promotions> notice board so in case anybody wants to file an objection.

Automatic promotion

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RTBC projects are automatically promoted after 6 weeks.
If you want to speed up the process you can help with the review process by earning a PAReview bonus.

PS: PAReview means Project Application Review.

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Why wait so long?

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  1. As I wrote in my post, I've made 12 reviews, and my project is eligible for that as well now.
  2. What the community earns from such a long wait? Probably nothing, as the code was reviewed over and over using the new methodology.
  3. 6 weeks in internet time is like 7 years in a dog time :-)

Review process

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  1. If you have a review bonus you have priority and an administrator will pass ASAP to give you the final validation.
  2. The review process is there to ensure a good quality to the contributed modules released at and had a quite positive feedback on last DrupalCon from the survey made by patrickd.
  3. So lucky dogs don't build modules :°)

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Not enough reviewers

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6 weeks is the maximum, not the goal. It's taking that long because we don't have enough people doing reviews. Only a few people have permission to grant Git permissions and move applications from RTBC to fixed, and those people are either not doing reviews, or spending their time doing initial reviews and not looking at the RTBC queue much.

There's a lot of discussion about ways to improve this, but discussion is slow. There's a simple way you can help speed up the process right now: do more reviews. Doing reviews frees up other reviewers to focus on the RTBC queue, and gives you experience that could lead to you doing the final RTBC-to-fixed check yourself.

If you don't have time to do more reviews, that's understandable. But that's the only available fix we have for this problem right now.

There are projects in the

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There are projects in the queue right now that have been RTBC for 8 weeks. Has this guideline changed? The PAReview bonus is not a bonus anymore, it seems to be a mandatory requirement.

Modules with an RTBC status

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Modules with an RTBC status still undergo a full review by the git admin before promoting the project, as a second set of eyes looking for any potential security issues and other missed items, so they still take some time to review. The six week auto-promotion step was added to ensure that this final gate could not become a show-stopping bottleneck, as we have less git admins than we have reviewers ... and I think you can appreciate that if we're short on the latter, that is indeed an issue.

I do like the 'pending promotion' idea, and am interested in delving into it a little deeper as part of my attempts to automate as much of the review process as possible.

Another review?

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I have access to promote and was actually planning on going thru the RTBC queue soon until I read this. If I have to review the RTBC apps before promoting, then I'm not going to. I assumed that something marked as ready was actually ready. Is there a queue where all that is needed is to click the buttons to promote?


Skip for admins?

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We're encouraging anyone and everyone to do reviews in the interest of getting more people involved. And because there's a lot of new reviewers doing reviews, we need someone more experienced to double-check those reviews when they're marked RTBC. The actual granting of permissions is pretty quick, so it's probably not worth breaking that out into a separate step.

Maybe we should have a defined process of skipping the post-RTBC double-check if the person who did the original review is someone on the admin list?

This seems like a legitimate

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This seems like a legitimate way to expedite the process. I think the double-check is an important safety net for new reviewers. I don't think I've come across many instances of gaping security holes being missed, but it's always possible.

A code review admin has a certain level of clout that I think qualifies for the skipping of the double-check.

I'm not sure exactly what sort of "defined process of skipping the post-RTBC double-check" could be implemented since this seems pretty straightforward:

on admin list? approve.

First, we would have to

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First, we would have to update the documentation:

I also think this is quite a theoretical problem. As I already said I'm ignoring the rule, because I approve applications that I reviewed myself after one week in RTBC with no objections. Most other admins deal with applications that they did not RTBC themselves, so that is not a problem.

We need more admins right now - logicdesign and carwin are in the process of becoming admins. Keep those reviews coming and thanks for your work!

This is a judgement call for

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This is a judgement call for the individual git admins ... some preliminary due diligence is still required; essentially to ensure that the application's RTBC status is legit. How deep an individual chooses to go with this due diligence is up to that individual, and will likely vary from project to project.

While I have not taken on the git admin role, I suspect that how deep I would look before promoting a project would depend largely on who provided the RTBC status - much like any other Drupal issue queue, there are individuals whose judgement I implicitly trust (based on past history and experiences); while I might take a closer look if I don't recognize the names of the parties involved in the review or RTBC status ... not only to ensure that the review is complete, but also to seek out potential mentoring opportunities for new reviewers as well.

I already approve

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I already approve applications that I RTBC'ed myself after one week when there are no objections. So be patient - the end is near.

How to Become one a drupal developer in the group

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Do some reviews in the

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Do some reviews in the project application review queue on a regular basis and I would be happy to help you become a code review administrator.

I see that you are not a git vetted user yet, so the first step would be to go through the review process yourself with a project you would like to promote.

There are currently 50+ issues in RTBC

Currently close to 100

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Currently close to 100 projects at RTBC - one that's been there for 2 years.

and around 15 RTBC that also have the PAReview bonus tag.

If anyone's got some time over the next few days to see about clearing the backlog - that would be great.

Donna Benjamin
Board Member Drupal Association

I can help as well.

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I can help as well but the problem is there are no patches in the issues. For core or contrib we don't have to go to sandbox to review the patch. Dreditor allows us to review the code from the issue and read all the context as well. So maybe consider adding a new requirement of adding a patch to the issues with snadbox links so that reviewers can easily review the new applications.

This will be a good addition imo because git vetted users should know how to create patches so they can support the issue queue of their module in the future.

I would like to do so but

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I would like to do so but don't have rights to do that...

Interested in this stuff

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I'm also interested.

Count me as well

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Count me as well

20 Issues in PAReview bonus

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20 Issues in PAReview bonus queue. Can someone have a look?

I'll try to do some reviews

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I'll try to do some reviews later this weekend.

30 Issues waiting for review or validation

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Hi Git Admins,

There is 11 RTBC projects with pareview review bonus :[]=8&status[]=14&issue_tags=PAReview%3A+review+bonus

Can you have a look ?

Thanks you so much.

Is there any restriction,

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Is there any restriction, RTBC applications can only reviewed by Git Admins?

Applications can only be

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Applications can only be approved by git admins. They are the ones who ensure the proper policy has been followed and double check for security issues. They are have the proper permission on to update a user's account to assigned the "git vetted" status.

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Including the Drupal 8 version of Node Hierarchy, which will become entity hierarchy soon enough. I'd appreciate reviews and approval of my IP Ban module, which is fairly simple:

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Cision Block module

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My module has been marked RTBC and now I don't know what to do:

How long will it take until this gets marked as a trusted application. Is there anything I can do to speed things up?