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Our Mission

To discuss, document, and rally around the Full Project code review process for new contributors to Drupal. To help people become (better) code reviewers so that the barrier to code contributions on the Drupal infrastructure is minimal but still valuable and to enhance the code on overall.

Started from webchick's talk at DrupalCon Copenhagen and then further enhancements. This is NOT a place to ask someone to review your application. Please read the instructions and use the full project instructions to apply for access.

Instruction on how-to review contribution applications.

Our Community

The Code Review team is dedicating to being a strong, cohesive force in bringing in new code contributors to

Hold a Sprint!

Code Review Sprints are a great way to build community and get reviews done.

Process Building

It is important to define and document the process of reviewing code as it is so important to the community.

Go Ahead and Review

Anyone with some basic module writing skills can do reviews.

Storytelling and Feedback

It is important to get feedback about this process.

TODO: Create a way for anonymous feedback.

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