New version of Drigg

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Hello People,

Once these bugs are solved:

I would like to release the new version of drigg and drigg_distr.tgz.
In the meantime, I will be busy finishing the port of user_karma to Drupal 6 and doing the usual general maintenance (see the changelog if you don't believe me :-D ).

It's important to release because there's an UGLY bug at the moment where if anonymous users try to submit, they are given an access denied page (I had to redesign the submission process to fix it, but it's all done).

Do you guys think you can get these squashed this week? (Apart from the ones depending on user input). If so, that's great -- it means I will create a new stable release Sunday.

At that point, I think Drigg MIGHT go in code freeze. So, it would be best to work on those things beforehand.




You there?

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Hi Guys,

This should be used like a bit of a mailing list... you here?

About this list, these are out:

* - Tiny avatars, Cedric - FIXED
* - Turn off validation, Cedric (testing) FIXED
* - support, mercmobily FIXED
* - Odd Youtube problem, maybe won'tfix WONT FIX

These are nearly done:

* - More "when to promote" conditions NEARLY
* - Possible radioactive integration, cedric NEARLY

And these are unimportant, really:
* - Hide voted scoops, Cedric LATER
* - Editable promotion date, Kevin LATER

This means that once Cerdic has sorted out the voting conditions, I will release the module. The ONLY if at this point is this: -- Hard return after EVF

I would love to see this fixed before releasing, so that we have our first "bug free" drigg out there (!).

So, it's up to you two guys... let me know!


I'm done with promotion

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I'm done with promotion method... Please test them !