Solution for providing wmv videos on internal Drupal site

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I have been trying to research how best to display some training videos on my company's internal website. My two major stumbling blocks seem to be that the videos are in the Windows wmv format and that in order to use HTML5 solutions, users need at least IE9.

Since this in an internal website, I know that all my users will be on a Windows PC using IE 6, 7 or (at most) 8. A few use Firefox, but that is not 'officially supported' by the IT department (i.e., if something doesn't work with that, we won't fix it). The training videos that I've been given are all .wmv and they have to be hosted on our webserver - they can't be uploaded to an external video service.

I've tried several modules and so far the only one to actually do anything has been the Video module. But the video window is the size of matchbook and there doesn't seem to be any way to resize it. Not very useful for training purposes. All the modules seem to assume that you will have users uploading videos, which are then converted in some way, and in this case we do not need that upload capability. Not only that, but the server restricts the size of uploads such that only the shortest videos could be uploaded.

So what is the solution here? Find a way to convert all the videos to Flash? Just have a link in the node that they click to open the file Windows Media player? Or is there a module out there that will actually work with my restrictions?

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If your in D6, you can use

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If your in D6, you can use Video module FTP field. You can FTP your files to the server and use videoFTP field to get files and convert it to Flash.

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How about providing WMV in D7 / Commons 3.3?

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I have same question as original post. I am using D7 (specifically Commons 3.3 distribution). Are there any new developments I should know about? Or should I just follow the D6 advice from