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I am working on a wordpress conversion of the Site5 Boldy theme. http://wordpress.site5.net/boldy/

I am probably going to contribute it once it is finished. What features would people expect to be ported from a premium theme such as this.

In the wordpress version there is cufon font replacement, slideshows and the front page block content is set in the theme settings, do you think it would be acceptable to create the required regions and expect users to create their own blocks, views_slideshow and sort the cufon out themselves or should some of these things be added to the drupal theme settings page?

I will probably add the social media links stuff as a theme setting, but I'm just not sure how far I should go.


wordpress conversion of the Site5 Boldy

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That would be great to do. I would certainly appreciate it and would love to have a copy for my site.

should some of these things be added to the drupal theme settings page? yes, please.

As I am working my way

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As I am working my way through this, I am more inclined to create just the theme and rely on other contributed modules to handle some of the extra bits.

What I may also do is create a tutorial to support the theme, describing how to re-create the boldy live-preview site using the theme and the required contributed modules needed to provide the functionality not provided by the theme, such as the Cufon text replacement.


G, your last thought is

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G, your last thought is exactly the best practice way. There are Drupal modules for all the features in that WP theme (including Cufon).

Just one tip: include styles for proposed modules. Say you have dedicated block region for slideshow, so make views slideshow to look nice there. Or dropdown menu styles should be in theme.css too (btw, I would strongly advise to go with http://drupal.org/project/superfish but not nice_menus).

And right, the rest should be in install instructions (which modules to use, how to configure etc).


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Very rough start made


Some bits are the original wordpress offerings and some have been replaced by drupal functionality. It works as a theme but needs work.


I updated the project page to

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I updated the project page to reflect what has been happening, I would appreciate it if anyone could let me know if this heading in the right direction.


Nearly finsihed the theme

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Surprised myself how far this has got. I re-visited it today and had forgotten my progress so far. Docs are rough but can get you through to where I am with the demo site. which is at http://boldy.dev.garethalexander.co.uk/


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