Drupal 7 Photo Gallery Solution?

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Hi All,

I'm working on setting up my first Drupal website. Using Drupal 7 was sort of selected for me, so I'm sticking with that version (as I've already put a lot of time into figuring out how the basics work).

My client has requested a photo gallery. It seems no matter how I setup a photo gallery it always seems to be a pain (to the point where I frown at setting up photo galleries). I've done some searching on-line for a photo gallery solution but I haven't found any straight forward/simple modules. I'm not even very picky as to how this photo gallery works - yes it would be nice to have albums in the gallery so if you want to view images on a certain topic or of a certain trip (etc...) - but that is just icing on the cake.

If you have any suggestions for a straight forward photo gallery module (D7) please let me know. Also, any advice on this topic would be much appreciated.


hello jessSchn. I use

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hello jessSchn. I use http://drupal.org/project/galleryformatter , integrated with shadowbox(or colorbox) It was very easy to setup, it also has a video to help you get started:
I know, there are not many options available for drupal 7... if you want something more simple you can just make a custom content type of images and put it in a custom page using views module, colorbox or shadowbox modules, and css

plz tell me

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can anyone tell me how to make db tables in drupal?

ofcourse m a newbie.

db tables?

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I'm confused. What does db tables have to do with a Photo Gallery. Which by the way, The Gallery Formatter worked great!

Gallery Formatter

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Please jessSch,
can you give some step-by-step details on how to configure Gallery Formatter with shadowbox on D7? I've watched the tutorial displayed here, but still having a hard time setting it up. Thanks!

Gallery Formatter

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Yes sure the Gallery Formatter was look nice but i don't like when we click it to list all gallery it is very bad. Because it have a bit picture and if i have alot of gallery so it look not nice. So anyone have any ideas to create photo gallery more easy.


image gallery?


plz can anyone help me in creating a image gallery in 7....

It is not within Drupal, but can run with it

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I have a PHP photo gallery demo (one page, but could have many) with a link to a zip with the whole kit and complete directions at: http://mynichecomputing.org/autoPAdemo/

Gallerific works quite well

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Here's a good page to describe one solution that creates a clean image gallery with the Gallerific jQuery plugin.


I've also solved the problem simply by creating a grid-based view, but I'd almost need to write a screencast just to explain how to configure the view with the necessary fields. The above link saves me the trouble.

Use a building block approach

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This video looks like it might be covering what my suggestion would be.


Basically, you want to use a building block approach. Use a content type with an image field and use views to output the list of photos. You can do more advanced things using things like References (node reference) to create a Gallery content type and reference your images to the gallery.

There's also some more advanced versions in the related videos in the side bar.


Yes really you can use Use a

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Yes really you can use a content type with an image field and use views to output the list of photos. you can see what i did http://www.zamanuniversity.edu.kh/en/galleries

Add comments to image

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I really liked it. Can you explain how you did this? I even want to add comments to each image. Can you suggest me how to add the comments?

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I too, using drupal facilities (only), have a photo gallery, You simply have
to register and login to see it. It also uses a custom pager. I got this out of a book over a year ago, and forgot how I did it. Anyway, you can view it (if that's worth it to you) if you go to http://99online.us and "Create an account" (i.e. register) and then login.
THEN, click the Galleries link. What you see:

It does use a custom content type Photos, and no doubt uses Views (a page view with a url) and it uses a taxonomy to group and categorize the pictures (and, then also, as I said there is a custom pager connected to it).

I can hunt down the book for you and give you a citation, if you want.

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