French and Dutch languages added to

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French and Dutch have been added to so you can now browse this site using those languages. Many thanks to everyone who is helping. All the languages we have now installed are the following:

Brazilian Portuguese

These are the only languages we have in the 4.7 branch of the cvs for the organic groups module. If you want this site be 'your language' aware, please translate the .po file for og and I will be able to add it.

Besides that, keep working on the translation of all the other modules and submit your changes to the cvs. None of the languages we are using here cover more than a 60% of the drupal strings! If you want to help with this job, look for your language in and contact the translation coordinator.


great enhancements

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love the progress we are making here. thanks robert ... arriba! ... would be nice if we had spanish :)

sure, bu there is not es.po

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sure, bu there is not es.po fot the og.module yet....

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