You intend to help to translate the Drupal interface to a language? This is the place! Look into the translator's guide in the Drupal Handbook for detailed documentation, as well as get onto the translations mailing list.

The internationalization group might also be interesting, dealing with content translation support issues in and around Drupal.

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Drupal 8 - Site language changing abruptly

I have a Drupal 8 site with version 8.2.3. I have two languages configured on the site.
Default - English and other one Spanish. Issue is site content is getting translated randomly. Spanish content is seen on the site when the current language is English and vice-versa.
After rebuilding cache (Drupal cache as well as server cache) , it works fine.
I am not able to reproduce this issue as Translations changes randomly and it affects different entries every time it happens.

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How to keep the Language Choice

Hi, I have a problem: I have been working on a multilingual site:

I have the following modules installed for the Purpose:

  • Locale
  • i18N
  • Content Translation
  • Entity Translation
  • Language Dropdown
  • Language Icons
  • Entity
  • Title
  • Variable
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Help translate the Drupal 8 announcement and press release

Drupal 8 makes huge strides in terms of supporting languages. So it is just natural, that similar to how we did with the Drupal 7 press release and release announcement, we would love to make the same two announcements for Drupal 8 available in as many languages as possible on its release day on November 19th. We need your help to do that though! We'd love at least one translator and one reviewer for each language.

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Choice of the language translation manager


We have a small problem with the Mongolian translation team manager, who



  • keeps as "admins" people who have become absolutely inactive,
  • suddenly excluded, the 2nd most active translator, from the admins with no explanation (He later explained that since an employee of us asked to become admin under the name " worker", he excluded our company.),
  • refuses to give us the password of " worker", our former employee who used the company name but didn't let the password when suddenly leaving his job,
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    Portuguese Drupal8 Translation Sprints no IRC

    2014-12-10 09:30 - 19:00 Europe/Lisbon
    Event type: 

    Sprint no IRC #drupal-pt, usando as ferramentas em

    >> Inscreve-te aqui! <<

    Aparece e ajuda na tradução do Drupal8!

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    Translated nodes don't

    I have come across something strange that I am hoping this group knows how to fix. I have path alias enabled on my site which creates unique paths depending on the type of node and fields selected.

    So the URL for one of my nodes would look something like this:

    That would be the English page, and if I had a translated version of that node, it would look like this:

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    Event type: 
    Related event (ie. not Drupal specific)
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    Strings with problematic English grammar

    I forked the Very similar localization strings spreadsheet into a new one, but now focusing on incorrect English* strings. Usually I just dump in my findings, so the ‘Suggestion’ column waits your school-age daughter to find the typos and fill in the correct forms. Don't forget to reward her for helping thousands of Drupal-translators worldwide!

    Open the spreadsheet in Google Drive...

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    Very similar localization strings

    During the translation job I found several very similar strings with only slight differences: mostly grammatical (e.g. lettercase or punctuation), but sometimes in content (e.g. "Recent activity" and "Latest activity"), which means the same. These examples of redundancy also contributes to increasing the total number of all strings to an enormous level (more than half million currently). Once we will need to figure out some programmed method to rationalize these “quasi-duplications”. As a first step I started to collect them together to have a better overview.

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    How Translators can affect the strings in the code?

    Hi All Translators,

    I'm not so experienced yet with the depth of Drupal community, I just occassionally contributed some hundreds translation suggestions to the Hungarian team during the years. However as I went through those strings on l.d.o, sometimes I just realized some mistakes in the English strings themselves, which not even the Translation Team Managers has access to correct.

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    Disabling the Google Translate "better translation" popup

    I am working on a site in Portuguese and using Google Translate since I don't know Portuguese.

    The problem is the annoying popup that appears when hovering over a link in the Admin Menu bar that covers the menu.

    I found and posted a solution here using the Adblock Plus extension for Chrome with a custom filter that blocks the popup

    The custom filter is "##div#goog-gt-tt"

    Hope this helps

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    مدیران سایت و ترجمه دروپال فارسی

    دوستان مدتی هست که هیچ‌یک از مدیران سایت و ترجمه فعالیتی نداشته. خواستم از همین‌جا بگم که برای انگیزه بیشتر و بالا بردن مشارکت شما، مدیران غیر فعال از سایت و تیم ترجمه حذف خواهند شد.

    برخی از مدیران متاسفانه فقط برای اسمش اعلام آمادگی کردن.

    دسترسی به کد سایت به آقای امیر مدرسی داده شده بود. به دلیل نداشتن حتی یک commit این دسترسی حذف خواهد شد

    برای مشارکت عضو تیم بشید نه برای کسب منفعت!

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    Freelance developer | Globalbility

    Employment type: 

    I work to make a postcard and translation project that will work like a megaphone out in the world: people can write us something they want to tell the rest of the world on a postcard, and we help translate it into other languages. You can see our small website here: - It is a non-commercial initiative and it is registered in the Norwegian Voluntary Register as a NGO.

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    团结中文翻译力量 / Federating Chinese translation efforts


    Update on the latest developments around a major attempt/initiative to improve the current state of the Chinese Drupal Translations. What would be the triggers/reasons for such a discussion, poll to be raised and generate so many reactions?
    What would be the current state of Chinese translations and the organization/activity of the translation team? How could the current situation be improved and what steps would be suggested to move the initiative forward?

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    Where to start translating drupal after new localize is added?

    I don't know where to start now.
    I clicked on the "add project" but didn't know which options are referring to translations.
    I visited this page: and there is not clear starting points. All it has are the 2 links and comments.
    please some one guide me.


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    How to translate taxonomy terms displayed in a block as language changes form language switcher block

    i have created a vocabulary with localized multilingual option and translate the term in two language say en,sv next step what i want to do list all taxonomy terms in a black and the term inside block is translated as user changes the current language.

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    (ALL GOOD!!!!) Call for volunteers to help with multilingual training at BADCamp on November 2nd

    2012-11-02 09:00 - 17:00 America/Los_Angeles
    Event type: 
    Training (free or commercial)




    If you are going to BADCamp on November 2nd and have an hour or two or more to help out at the free multilingual training:

    please leave a comment! I've attached a draft of the training notes/schedule.

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    Website Developer | Globalbility

    Employment type: 

    I need help to make a website to connect volunteers in a collaborative translation work. It is a postcard and translation project, you can see our simple website here to get an idea: - It is a non-commercial initiative, it is registered in the Norwegian Voluntary Register as a NGO.

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    Import custom translations from own localization server to clients

    Right now we're developing 3 sites in German, Dutch and Swedish.
    Each site will have content in different languages (25 in total, but for the Swedish e.g. 10, for the Dutch 17 and for the German 19 language)
    Some of the languages are quite exotic and not welknown.

    We use for this a 3-letter language-code and have a central localization server to manage the interface and content-translations.

    What I want to accomplish is that on each client (Swedish, German and Dutch) the enabled languages are automatically updated from the localization server.

    How can this be done?

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    Tümü büyük harf (uppercase) yazılarda Türkçe karakter sıkıntısı

    (Başlangıçta wiki sayfası olarak açılmıştı; buraya taşındı. -Şahin)
    Abstract for English-only readers: "Uppercase style causes problems with Turkish characters ğ, ı, i, ş which should be transformed to Ğ, I, İ, Ş respectively but shown as G, İ, I, S wrongly."

    Merhaba, Arthemia temasında birincil linkler menü bloğunda Türkçe karakter sıkıntısı yaratıyor.. Örneğin İletişim kelimesi İLETISIM olarak görünüyor.. Drupal 6.x için çözümü nedir?
    Yardımlar için şimdiden teşekkürler..

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