Language switcher

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I installed Internationalization module. I add another language and translate one page to another language, which works great. The problem is the language switcher shown up near the footer area even though I have already configure the Language Switcher not shown in any block in Site building/blocks. Of course it doesn't shown up when one page only has one language version. Any one has the same experience? Thanks.



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you can use a simple css to hide the links..

#content .translation-link {

short and sweet

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Pasqualle that is helpful.

Standerby you may be confusing the language switch for the site in the block with a language switch for that node. Each node that has translated material will show links at the bottom for the other languages available. You can hide these with css in your theme.

Module Settings

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You can also disable those footer links. Go to Administer>Site Configuration>Languages and if you click Multilingual System tab, there is an option to hide content translation links...



using flags

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I use translation in blocks but i do not want use translation like this. I want to use flag icons to translation and these flags should be mune or heaser not in block. How i can do this? thanks..