Current status, and getting the ball rolling again

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Well, then.

It's been quiet for quite some time, in part because I vanished for a while after we started building the demo sites. I've been working on some non-Snowman related stuff for part of that time, but also trying to process some of the things that we've been learning as the different demo sites were built out.

I may be wrong, but after looking over the feedback that's been going on in other threads, it feels like one of the big honking roadblocks we keep encountering is the inability to cleanly "partition" content on the site without hand-rolling a bunch of strange hacks with Taxonomy, the Book module, and so on. At least two or three of the profiles people have been working on included hacked together custom menu callbacks just to get around that problem.

After some thinking, I posted an issue here: Per-bundle node listing pages, blocks, feeds . While it obviously doesn't solve all of the issues that we're encountering, I think that we may have discovered enough to know that "Listing pages for each content type, and a sidebar block for each content type" would be a huge "facilitating feature" for building useful profiles. I think it's also a promising example of how the Snowman work can help drive very focused patch ideas, ones rooted in strong use cases rather than just API polishing.

Does anyone have thoughts on the idea proposed in that patch? Would it make things simpler for the examples we're putting together? If it turns out to be useful, I can easily backport the feature in the form of a Drupal 7 module, allowing us to continue building out Snowman sites in D7 that take advantage of the functionality for testing and experimentation.


has snowman stalled?

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has snowman stalled?

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