TIPS for managing high-volume CCK fields site (wiki style)?

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I am building a wiki site, which will have many CCK fields. I'm already feeling exhausted at the prospect of paging through a mile-long list of CCK fields when constructing views, for example. As this is a membership-only site, even the user profile has some 30 fields.

My plan is to create a unique content type for each category/topic (15+). Each content type will contain several common fields, so I've planned for that reuse of fields. Several fields will be conditional fields, some "other" combo fields.

Using Organic Groups to help further collate data, for different user types.

I find the content add/edit form cumbersome, and haven't found a good module for customizing the form to better organize the input. (Display Suite wrecked my site and was limited.) Gonna have another look at Contemplate. But, apart from building custom template for each content type form, any thoughts?

I feel good about my plan of action, but welcome tips from those who have similar high-volume CCK fields sites. I scoured the CCK helper modules, but might be some gems that I overlooked to make my wiki kiki-ass.

In advance, thank you!


Yes Sure

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see my post

do not forget to see the attachment.

This will help shape your edit forms..

And regarding high-volume cck management... I am still suffering the same.

@bakr : Thanks for the reply.

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@bakr : Thanks for the reply. It isn't the edit form that is troubling -- for that I can use CCK Fieldgroups* -- but paging through all those values in Views. (I did disable the CCK Permissions module to elimate the headache there.)

I prefix (subprefix) my CCK field names to make it a bit easier to pick them out. Examples: field_profile_{name} for content profile fields; field_pfs_{name} for product fact sheet, etc. It would help a bit more to be able to sort the field dropdown in Views. I think it can be done, just haven't had a chance to try it. And, a "select all fields" option in Views would really be nice.

  • I also installed Node Columns, but haven't tried it yet.

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