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OA wiki syntax


I just installed OA 2 recently. I want to know where I could find the reference for OA wiki syntax?



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OpenScholar Site

If anyone's interested, I've started up a website dedicated to OpenScholar at

There's not much content there yet, but there is a forum and wiki all set up and ready to go.

As a new OpenScholar developer, I feel lost in the wild (especially since the official OS documentation is very thin). I'm looking forward to getting help (and helping others) regarding OpenScholar configuration, administration, development, etc.


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Bookmark Wiki Volunteers?

Happy Monday PM's!

Which lovely soul wants to volunteer to start up a WIKI page for our bookmarks?
See ideas here under the "knowledge wiki - bookmarks" lower left corner...

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Creating a wiki

I have created my first-ever Drupal web site called Doppler Value Investing ( It's about my special version of value investing that estimates the intrinsic business value of a stock from free cash flow instead of earnings and book value.

I'd like to add a wiki to it. How do I do this?

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TIPS for managing high-volume CCK fields site (wiki style)?


I am building a wiki site, which will have many CCK fields. I'm already feeling exhausted at the prospect of paging through a mile-long list of CCK fields when constructing views, for example. As this is a membership-only site, even the user profile has some 30 fields.

My plan is to create a unique content type for each category/topic (15+). Each content type will contain several common fields, so I've planned for that reuse of fields. Several fields will be conditional fields, some "other" combo fields.

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Wiki page for Drupalgangers

Hi everybody
Does anyone would like to make a Wikipedia page for Drupalgangers? Heather, Amy, it would be great to have such a page to link to from future conference websites. People are getting confused about who drupalgangers are and have no idea how it started.

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Best way to handle empty wiki links - Drupal 7

Initially asked the question in the forums without any interest, so I am trying to see if anyone has some thoughts on


Would like to ask if anyone can think how it would be possible to distinguish or log Links to Wiki Article Pages that do not yet have content in a Drupal Wiki. My current system is using wikitools where if the URL /wiki/EMPTY_PAGE_NAME is entered into browser or linked, it will go to a page to create that article.

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Wikis Within OG Groups...

I am having some trouble getting freelinking to work within a OG-based educational site based on Open Atrium. I have separate groups with their own wiki content types, but when a link is created in one group and page is made and then another group creates a similar [[link] it links to another group's wiki page instead of its own group. Anyone else have a similar problem? Any solutions?

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Semantic Data Storage Programmer Analyst Position | Amerit Consulting for UC Schools

Employment type: 
Not allowed

If you are interested please send me a copy of your resume and I will follow up with you.

Matthew Haver
858.521.9080 Office

UC Schools, Oakland - UCOP
Semantic Data Storage Programmer Analyst
Oakland, CA 94607
1+ years
W2 or Individual C-2-C with Insurance

Desired Tools / Technologies:
• RDF, OWL, or MCF
• Triplestores
• Semantic Wikis
• Linked Data Paradigm
• Open Source Technologies
• Data Storage Methodologies and Technologies

Desired Skills / Experience:

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Buenas tardes, soy ingeniero de sistemas desarrollador en PHP, actualmente tengo una informacion en una instalación Mediawiki y necesito controlar la forma en que se publican los articulos, algo asi como un CMS, no encuentro ninguna extension para el wiki que me permita realizar esto por lo cual quiero trabajar una integracion o realizar una migracion completa a drupal de la informacion y trabajarla desde alli.

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