Drupal products summit

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I'm considering organizing a Drupal products summit some time this fall. The main purpose of the meeting would be to create a knowledge sharing platform for Drupal shops/individuals that are working on a product: anything built with Drupal that has a repeatable business model (can be specialized services for Drupal shops, distributions, applications, websites built with Drupal that target a certain market segment).

The main practical outcomes I hope to achieve with this meeting are:

  • The creation of a workgroup that will build an ethical Drupal Application Store
  • Increase of knowledge about lean startup methodologies in the Drupal community
  • Strengthening the network of Drupal product companies and the creation of a mutual support community

I think I could organize a 180-200 man conference in Ghent, Belgium. I'm trying to get an idea of the interest in this topic in the community, if you are interested in making this come true please post a comment. Any feedback is also very much appreciated.


Count me in

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Great idea! Going through the process myself and would love to share information with others. Count me in both participating but also helping to take this forward in any way we can (how about starting with a Bof at the drupalcon?)

Nice! If I was a little

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Nice! If I was a little closer to your side of the world I'd definitely attend. When you set up the date, be sure to send me an e-mail so I can add it to https://buildamodule.com/drupal-camps-calendar .


Chris Shattuck
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I'm also interested in this

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I'm also interested in this from a distribution-as-a-product point of view. Not necessarily the app store concept, but I guess the summit would be broad enough :)
Ghent would be perfect ;) If you need organisation help, let me know (although my time is limited ATM)


I'd be interested. Obviously

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I'd be interested. Obviously I can't commit on this small amount of data but it is something I'm doing and would think about attending.

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Let me know if I can help out

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I would love a conference like this! Let me know if I can help out.


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Hi Kristof,

I am also interested. Keep me posted!


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Erik Seifert
b-connect GmbH


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Also interested


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Count me in. I am very interested in the App Store thing.


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Sounds interesting; timingwise it might be difficult for me.

Also very interested in it...

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Also very interested in it...

Go register

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The website for this event is now public, you can find it at http://products.drupaldays.org/ and I've put together an introductory blogpost on the Pronovix blog

We've only got a limited amount of places, so be quick if you want to get in!


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