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Drupal products summit

I'm considering organizing a Drupal products summit some time this fall. The main purpose of the meeting would be to create a knowledge sharing platform for Drupal shops/individuals that are working on a product: anything built with Drupal that has a repeatable business model (can be specialized services for Drupal shops, distributions, applications, websites built with Drupal that target a certain market segment).

The main practical outcomes I hope to achieve with this meeting are:

  • The creation of a workgroup that will build an ethical Drupal Application Store
  • Increase of knowledge about lean startup methodologies in the Drupal community
  • Strengthening the network of Drupal product companies and the creation of a mutual support community
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Drupal and Education Open Space: Call for Participation

Education is increasingly recognised as a major and growing need for the growing Drupal community. During DrupalCons educational BoFs are very common, but we may need more structure to collaborate on the diversity of challenges for education.

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