Come and join hands to promote Drupal in Saudi Arabia

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This is the group dedicated to Drupal lovers from Saudi Arabia.

Sad to note that, in Saudi Arabia, open source programs dont have much acceptability. Anybody interested please come and join the group. We can discuss and plan programs to promote Drupal in Saudi.



Open Source Acceptability

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Yes indeed that open source is not a focus in rich Saudi Arabia. I work as a web developer in one of the top financial institution in SA and from my past tenure, we keep on changing technology and CMS environment. For our Internal Intranet, previously we had Oracle Portal then we move to SharePoint which is the current technology we are using. For external websites, previously we have IBM WebSphere and there are some issues (political issues i guess :) ) with management regarding the environment and we strip off the portal and went for static.

Now I am developing a Proof Of Concept using Drupal and LifeRay portal and I will be presenting this to the higher management for approval of what might be the best CMS that suits our need. As you may know that I am now introducing them the beauty of an open source. My operating system environment are all based in Sun Solaris 10, SPARC and using web stack 1.5 for my dev.

My concern now is the Language variation, I hope that through this group... you may guide me on the ins and outs of Drupal localization for Arabic.

Just of the folks who want to

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Just of the folks who want to know that drupal exists in KSA, SBM intranet for employees is based on Drupal.

Muhammad Qandeel Aslam