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National Associations or Community Informal Groups

Country Name Link
Denmark Drupal Danmark http://drupaldanmark.dk/foreningen
Germany Drupal-Initiative e. V. http://www.drupal-initiative.de/
Italy Associazione Drupal Italia http://associazione.drupalitalia.org/en
Ireland Drupal Ireland http://groups.drupal.org/node/139419 (no website)
Nigeria Drupal Nigeria http://www.drupalnigeria.com
Norway Drupal Norge http://www.drupalnorge.no (in Norwegian). See here for info in English
Portugal Associação Drupal de Portugal http://drupal.pt/ and http://drupal-pt.org/
Scotland Drupal Scotland Follow us on twitter: http://twitter.com/drupalscotland
Singapore Drupal Developer Network (Singapore) http://meetup.com/drupal-SG http://drupal.org.sg
Spain Asociación Española de Drupal http://www.asociaciondrupal.es

Other Associations or Community Informal Groups

Regional, State, Province, City based associations

Country Name Link
United States LA Drupal Association http://ladrupal.org (background)

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drupal nigeria

badesemowo's picture

Drupal Nigeria - the nigerian group is a drupalnigeria.com .

Careful when adding stuff here

jcnventura's picture

This can easily become a list of Drupal communities, and not of associations.. I didn't see any evidence of the Drupal Nigeria group being an association.


svenryen's picture

If that's the case, maybe somebody needs to outline the differences between a Drupal Association and a Drupal Community?

There may not be a difference

kattekrab's picture

There may not be a difference between an association and a community.

So to be clear - this group is focussed on the creation, development and administration of national associations or organisations formed to support local drupal communities.

Some communities have formal organisations behind them, others do not.

Donna Benjamin
Board Member Drupal Association
Executive Director cc.com.au

Granted, but...

jcnventura's picture

I think that the concept of an legal entity calling itself an association is something that can probably be understood globally.

I don't think we should exclude anyone, but it would be interesting to either list them separately or to create a table with a column on whether they have are an association or a community.

I'm actually sorry that so many communities are forced to create an association usually so that they can handle sponsor money for their events. That "umbrella" should be able to be provided by something else, so that we can focus on Drupal and not on bylaws, annual reports and membership fees.

However, in light of the fact that these national associations are indeed showing up, the next step is usually some kind of federation of associations. Unless of course, the DA makes the smart thing and assumes that role..


Hi Joao, I can confirm you

omissis's picture

Hi Joao, I can confirm you the DA -unless they changed their mind since London- is not interested in such "united nations of Drupal" thingy: too many laws, people, regulations to deal with.
The only reasonable thing we should try to do is to limit the "groups of groups of groups" approach, because I feel it's starting to be a bit heavy-layered in here: we've got local groups, regional groups, national groups, european groups, worldwide groups and I am pretty sure this is only going to be worse in the future, granted that I bet I am already missing other already existing entities.
I cannot really see a solution for that, but I've already seen a few problems: during the organization of the DC LDN, most of the people weren't aware of the existence of this semi-structured entities(the european foundations group in that case) they could eventually rely on for marketing and stuff, moreover the information was spread across too many websites, lists, newsletters, etc. In other words: very confusing.

We're not going to have hard

kattekrab's picture

We're not going to have hard and fast rules about whether a community has a formal association or not - they may still wish to participate in this group to learn about how to support and develop their local community by forming an official organisation or association.

Nigeria was represented at the founding meeting, and that's certainly good enough for me. :)

Donna Benjamin
Board Member Drupal Association
Executive Director cc.com.au

The formal association may

humaneasy's picture

The formal association may not include all community members and that's ok. I changed the titles to better reflect the idea expressed by Donna.

In Portugal, we see the formal organization more as a legal body to help organize stuff and, eventually, to be a lobby structure on talks with Government and other governmental organizations -- they usually don't take too much attention on groups of people unless those groups are really heavy on numbers :)

Hi Lindsey! Not sure if we've

svenryen's picture

Hi Lindsey! Not sure if we've seen u at the meetups... Drupal Developer Network (Singapore) is actually officially registered with registration number T12SS0015F, bank account, committee and annual meetings of members. I'm a bit puzzled seeing an SEO-beneficial link to something entirely unrelated in that post though ;)