Work with / within Drupal Dojo and Drupal Kata?

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Dojo and kata have been OER sites (Open Educational Resources) you have now also other sites, like and did you see I've seen at drupalcon nodeone has a whole new learning site, but couldn't find the link so quickly. I've heared that several other OER sites are been created.

The Padwan Initiative is to figure out how to change d.o. so that all the OER get aggregated back to Drupal properly.

So there is no overlap with Dojo and Kata, but a synergy exist.

The one project (I know about) that tried to combine different OER is, but again the goal is different as we like to have it on d.o. and find ways to improve visibility of the trainers in their profile and have a page on d.o. that list all the OER sites.

Yeah that difference I think

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Yeah that difference I think is key.

Also see Linclark who was talking with Jennifer Hodgdon about a way of marking up content to be more easily aggregated.

@ Ben - I think I grokked the ideas here on this thread:

I hope that helps!

As I mentioned in the issue queue, I think the open curriculum project could snap right into what you're doing. I will prep some info about it tonight after work!

Still, I never understand why

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Still, I never understand why people want to start their own empty group, having to build an audience first while the existing groups provide audience and platform. Why not start the discussion in the related groups first and build a team there? I'd prefer to see the application for a dedicated group happen when momentum and audience is so big that existing groups don't suffice anymore. As soon as you're ready for real action you'll have to work outside the group again and dig into the issue queus for

Completely agree

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I think if you took away all the clever names and looked at what these various groups and initiatives were doing and intending on doing, you'd find a lot of overlap. Unfortunately it's not very easy to really grok what a project is doing by just reading over a description since the goals might not be very clear or fully realized.

Personally I think most of the goals/objectives of this group have overlap with the Prairie Initiative and the Drupal Open Learning Initiative. The latter is an attempt to bring together many of these groups (including Drupal Dojo and Kata) and look at ways to make them complimentary, sustainable, and valuable to the Drupal project and community.

And under the context of g.d.o. the Drupal Dojo ( is by far the largest group (3000 by the end of this year?) and most underutilized resource for getting people involved in the project and community. With a bit more leadership/organization from people with similar goals, I think many of these efforts could be consolidated and worked on more effectively.

Gus Austin

Yeah there are a number of

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Yeah there are a number of related groups, I posted them here:

I was trying to give Mixel and those involved the benefit of the doubt. I think it's a specific mentoring project, different from the ones listed even on the page I assembled. But I think Mixel is going to make it more clear soon?

I would love to see this in the context of Drupal Dojo which already has such great momentum. Excepting the fact that there's no star wars reference in Dojo, it's also a similar idea, I think.

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Heather, thanks for giving us the benefit of doubt.

Let me be clear, I'm not at all a star wars fan. It was something people in the codesprint liked and I'm going with the flow.

Depending if people actually help out I will be able to give a demon on how changing some functionalities of d.o. could help Dojo and other good projects out there. Now I'm waisting time trying to make clear this is not an overlap ....

The focus of this group is not to create any learning material. The goal is to explore d.o. improvements about mentoring and resources.

Let me give a Dojo example. I like to add on the user profile "I contributed to Dojo", now it would be easy to do that like "I was on XXX Drupalcon", but we like to aggregation of actual activities. It would then also contain a link to Dojo site.

Let me be even more concrete, look at Chx profile at:, there is a "Project" section. I like something similar for all your people creating tutorials and giving mentoring. .... it is just an example, I would like to a have a constructive discussion about such features to d.o.

Consider the Padawan Initiative a sprint for the Prairie Initiative, focusing on learning. The UX would be a next step that will be quite hard. I love the Prairie Initiative, I would love to see the "Project" section transform to: wouldn't that be cool?

Still we need a clear focus: reduce the learning curve by exploring features for d.o. (create demos and sandboxes). This will get feed into other d.o. infrastructure discussions. I don't see any overlap with other activities, but I do see many synergies.

I hope to create some screen shot demo during the weekend to improve clarity about the goals of the Padawan Initiative.

Please be patient !

Still don't see the need for a new group or initiative

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First off - Mixel, I'm really not trying to be a PITA. I'm totally behind what you're trying to do. Having said that, I still don't see the need for a new group or initiative.

Consider the Padawan Initiative a sprint for the Prairie Initiative, focusing on learning. The UX would be a next step that will be quite hard. I love the Prairie Initiative, I would love to see the "Project" section transform to: wouldn't that be cool?

Wouldn't you find more collaborators if you worked on this issue and centralized your discussion in the group already set up?

The other goal of feeding external training material to d.o. is something that's been discussed for quite some time (including in the Drupal Dojo and most recently in Drupal Docs and probably the Prairie Initiative.

What's real confusing comes from the description of this group...

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away Drupal had a simple learning cure. Yet times has changed, now you need to be a Jedi master to walk the line. The Padawan Initiative tries to balance the force by founding a Jedi order. The aim of the Padwan Initiative is to reduce the learning curve of Durpal

...that sounds almost identical to the goals of the Drupal Dojo

Are you climbing the Drupal learning curve? Do you want to write your own modules or themes? Have a vision of running a killer Drupal-based site? If you've got big-D dreams, then this is the group for you. We'll make you skilled like a ninja.

The Drupal Dojo is a group for apprentice/journeyman developers who want to increase proficiency, and for experts looking to grow the pool of Drupal talent.

If you think of the Dojo as a very large group of potential contributors for these shared goals, wouldn't it make sense to provide some leadership/direction from w/in that group?

Gus Austin

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Hi Gus,

Now I see more clearly why you have troubles with this group. Considering the other activities I think this group should focus first on computer mediated support for mentoring and later for peer learning. So I've change the description of the group a bit. Probably it is not the best description of the group, so feedback is welcome. I'm convicted that having a more focused group on a particular feature can eventually help the other projects too. I simply hope this can explain how we try to create synergy with the existing groups and not have overlaps.

Not convincing

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But now it looks like you're changing the objective of the group so that it doesn't match existing groups? I can tell from experience that there is very little synergy to be had across groups. In effect, each will be it's own silo with very little touchpoints with other groups. The overlap and synergy comes from the people you reach, not from a unique mission statement.

I too am very much in favor of what you are trying to achieve here but to me it comes across as splitting hairs on why it is unique, whereas I think you should do this within existing specialized pools of potential contributors to be really effective.

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I'm just trying to make sure that what we agreed on During Drupalcon could get executed. I hope you join the next openspace, BOf and Codesprint

Similar inspiration here?

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Indeed and this happend far away from Drupalcon. To me it proofs this group is needed.

The padawan is only a focus group very specifically for d.o. improvements. The changes I've made to the group description are little, only to reduce confusion (considering the reaction in this discussion page). The initial focus discussed at the codesprint did not change.

I should mention we created some other plans after de open space, the main goal is more open spaces and getting better organized. So we are pushing the use of #drupalEdu hashtag in twitter just as a simple way to get better informed. We are in the process of creating an archive for this so that the data doesn't get lost .... still that is not related to the padawan initiative.

Docs team proposal

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We need to restructure the docs team and the docs on so it can be more sustainable... This proposal is a start in that direction, and includes the idea of a directory of non-d.o docs:

Comments welcome!