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Benjamin Melançon
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Liberty and justice for all are a couple of my goals in life. To be specific, in a time when heads of state claim to liberate others and mete out the collective punishment of state terror in the name of justice, the way to liberty, justice and better lives for all is to help each person gain the most power over his or her own life.

And I think developing open source software, to help build a democratic, transparent, inclusive and powerful movement of movements, can move us a ways in the right direction.


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Agaric uses the power of open source free software, the internet, and people to build sites that give control to our clients and their communities.

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Our founding principles include the political goal of helping all people gain the most power possible over their own lives. We apply this to our work and build online applications that our clients can easily update and expand on their own. Agaric proudly uses world-class open source free software that means freedom from lock-in and always keeps our clients in control.

Which means Drupal of course!

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