Adding structure to the OAS Draft

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I find the formatting and layout of the current Open App Standard DRAFT page difficult to parse, and the lack of a Table of Contents makes understanding the overall structure & navigation difficult. At, I have tried to add this kind structure, though I'm not convinced it reflects the intentions of the authors.

Also, I was under the impression from the recent DrupalCon session, Taking Inventory of Drupal Products and App Stores, that the OAS Draft page was a wiki. I personally hope that that page is made into a wiki, and perhaps some of the structure I propose be integrated into it.



you are correct

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Thank you, tormi!

You're correct; I had moved the page. I've added an alias so that it works again.

I agree it should be a wiki

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I agree it should be a wiki page. +1

Thanks for reformatting. This

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Thanks for reformatting. This is approximately 100x better than what got published.

Reformatted OAS Draft

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Thanks for making the Wiki page ergonlogic! As of today, the OAS Draft hosted on this group is no longer as much of an eyesore. Hopefully you all will find it more useful.