Adding a barracuda install as a remote server

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I have a Barracuda install on a local machine and a Barracuda install on a Linode machine, and would like to add the latter as a remote server to the former, something which omega8cc advised on IRC has been done by folk in the past (apologies, but I couldn't find the github issue referred to), but my problem is that the sync breaks the nginx conf on the remote server (http access goes the the default nginx under construction page and https gives a connection rejected).

The sync alters the /var/aegir/config/nginx.conf include paths from server_master to server_aegirmydomaincom, but all the folders below server_aegirmydomaincom/nginx are empty. The full verify from the master Aegir is here. My comprehension of nginx configs is still low, but I can confirm anything further in the comments.

Can anyone confirm if this set-up is workable, and if so, what I should be doing differently to make things work? Thanks!