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BOA is an acronym of high performance Barracuda, Octopus and Aegir LEMP stack.

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Setting Up Redirects on BOA

I am moving a set of sites over to one of my BOA servers from an old school server and our organization happens to have a whole bunch of redirects set up in apache. I’ve read the HINTS documentation and done research and have now become familiar with the idea of setting up the nginx_vhost_include.conf file and assigning locations.

My big question is about using domain specific locations as we may include other sites that have other domains on this server. In the Hints documentation, it indicates that IF statements should be used.

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SSL certificate configuration with SNI

I have a BOA server (2.4.0) with one IP address. I'm trying to use a certificate for one of the hosted sites with SNI, but want to keep using BOA's self-signed wildcard certificate for anything else over https (Aegir/Octopus control panels).

I've read, and this previous GDO discussion about using SSL on BOA, which seems to say this is possible.

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barracuda up-stable system aborted

sed: can't read /var/backups/ No such file or directory
Rebooted server to no avail.
What is meaning?

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Clone multiple website or clone platform.


First, sorry for my English ;-)

I am studying multi-site hosting solution with Aegir.
In particular, the method used to update the version of Drupal multiple website in one step.

In interface to migrate sites from a platform to another, i noticed this:

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Load increase troubleshooting help

Hey there BOA users.

I'm looking for a smarter sysadmin than myself to help me troubleshoot a load increase on my BOA box.

I'm running on Linode(Xen) and the system is locked down as best I know how, no ssh root login, no clear passwords, only key based and everything has been running great for years.

In the past few weeks, I've had a spike in cpu use and io. I don't think this is traffic related, but I guess I need to learn a bit more about troubleshooting to find out the cause of things.

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Has anyone successfully got BOA in a master/slave multi server setup?

I am currently trying to get master / slaves setup but i haven't been able to find good tutorial or information regarding BOA and this

Please help

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Drupalgeddon / Version control

Hi all,

After the Drupalgeddon episode many blog posts emphasise the importance of Version Control for sites. Looking at I think that for a BOA user, version control means that the git repo needs only my make file and my theme - have I got that right?


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Drupageddon attack

Yesterday and today I received ominous automated emails from BOA:
URGENT: The site on has been HACKED!
Our system detected that the site has been hacked!
Common signatures of an attack which triggered this alert:
The drush command 'drupalgeddon-test' could not be found. [error]

So I installed drupalgeddon (letter 'l' missing in title is purposeful),
drush dl drupalgeddon, and since the project recommends installing site_audit as well, I did that too.

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Cloned site within platform generates "could not find version of ... module" warning

This seems to be new since my upgrade to BOA 2.3.5. I have a couple of custom platforms created awhile ago per Prior to migrating I run a successful verify on a site, then clone that site within the same platform to During the clone process I now get the "could not find version of ...(any in sites/all/modules) module" warnings, but the clone generates successfully and verifies okay.

When the platform was created using drush make and logged in as o1.ftp the permissions were set:
; chmod 775 ~/static/newplatform

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jQuery_Update module in BOA.


I have a custom platform where sites need jQuery_update module enabled for revolution slider. When I do so, I lose many javascript functionalities on the website. e.g. ckeditor disappears, module_filter, expand/collapse functionality lost.

Upon search in the issue queue I found out that module has problem in multisite environment.

What is the solution for this problem?


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BOA hosting system does not finish site install.


I am running two BOA hosting systems on, and they both have same problems for the last many versions I have installed since frequent upgrades have been made available.


  • Site installs never get completed and they get stuck mostly at following stage:
    WD install: Installing from database import.
    (I am attaching log in a separate file here.)

  • When I try to click view button and see the progress of any task, many time I see my put offline and it shows the following:



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Health check not running

I set a health check to run on a test site about 24 hrs. and it is still processing, is this normal?
Submitted by ckosloff on Mon, 09/29/2014 - 23:23
This task has not been processed yet: It will be processed around 03:08:32+0000, if the queue is not too crowded. The queue is currently run every 5 sec, was last run 2 days ago and processes 1 items at a time. Server time is 03:08:31+0000.

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problem adding custom platform with drush make

Update: Never mind. I was being stupid. Hate when that happens....

In the past I've logged in as o1.ftp and run 'drush make my-makefile ~/static/foo-bar' per This no longer works. I get error, "This drush command cannot be run in /home/o1.ftp
Please cd to the valid sites/ directory first." Never saw that before, but okay, I mkdir the new dir go to it and run drush make. No luck.

What's changed?


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502 nginx error

I am continuously getting 502 nginx errors when working on modules, enabling/disabling, updating, etc.
I just ran update barracuda up-stable and octopus up-stable all both, to no avail.
In hostmaster I flushed all caches and ran helath check without major issues reported, I just have to install some minor updates to some modules.
Any idea what is causing these errors?

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Force File Download in Nginx

Hi all,

I have a link field which contains links for MP3 files hosted elsewhere and I want the files to be downloaded by simply clicking on the field rather than doing right click and "save link as".

This is mentioned here re Nginx. Are there any BOA considerations here or is this just an Nginx issue?


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ALERT: Failed Barracuda upgrade

I have problems with OpenSSl install on upgrade, Debian Sqeeze. Probably not an BOA issue but maybe someone can help me to solve this. This is in the log file:

Barracuda [Thu Aug 7 03:25:29 EDT 2014] ==> INFO: Installing OpenSSL 1.0.1i, please wait...
make depend failed. Error (if any): 0
Displaying the last 15 lines of /var/backups/barracuda-upgrade-140807-0324.log to help troubleshoot this problem
If you see any error with advice to run 'dpkg --configure -a', run this
command first and choose default answer, then run this installer again

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BOA image file paths

Hi all,

Taking as an example of a BOA site if I click on the logo the path is

Is this path written to the database and if so does this mean that images will fail to load if the site is copied to another platform ie where the site "" does not exist (and so the path is broken)?

This url also works so why does the logo use rather than ?

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How do you unrestrict open_basedir restriction for a single site

BOA implements open_basedir restrictions on sites. I am getting some errors on some modules that are trying to access config files outside of the allows directories.

One case in point is the AWS SDK module ( that tries to access "home/o1.ftp/.aws/sdk/"

How do you either open this up for a selected site(s) or for all sites?

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Boa installed in Ubuntu desktop

Hi. Briefly, my question is if Boa is suitable to use locally with Ubuntu in its desktop version or if it only should be used with debian or ubuntu server.

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Crazy things in D729 platform

The weirdest of things are happening on new 7.29 platforms, and not only there.
I've had similar issues in my localhost reported here:
I think security update is defective, there are several reports in the issue queue.
I have a critical domain pointed to an IP address in my BOA server.
I know that this IP works as I can ssh into it, run BOA scripts, etc.
This domain name and wildcard have been pointed at it for some time, more than enough for propagation.

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