Kicking it old Skool!

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I know what it feels like to have your hard work critiqued, piles of issues to solve and to deal with some of the hardest discussions and posts we can have. I know the many hours spent, sacrificing time with our loved ones, time without sleep or the so many other things we give up to do our part.

We must remember that we are all a team, that many of us put the project before ourselves, our egos, our profits and even our opinions. But most of all I wish to express a BIG THANK YOU to the Module Developers, Core Contributors, G.D.O. and D.O. teams, Documents, Security Team and countless other people who often never get mentioned or talked about.

Lets just step back and look at all we have accomplished. Working on one the best content management system in the world. Bringing a system that was a simple forum into one of the few systems that run the web! You all rock, and don't forget it.

I know that I can't possibly thank every individual who has helped Me these past few weeks. Filling issue queues with Thank You's would probably be get old fast. So here it is. Now lets kick those negative posts off the top of "whats hot" or "topic of the week" or what ever the heck its called and put something of real value up!



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Here is another WOOHOO thread!

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