User search in Drupal 6

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How do I create a user search in Drupal 6. The User Node plugin isn't for version 6 so the tutorials found don't work...



this depends on what modules

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this depends on what modules you have used for your User profile.

If you are using content profile, you can create a search over views.


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I have used profile,
How would I go along doing it in views? I am kind of new and haven't used views much...


Sorry, I am wrong. In D6 you

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Sorry, I am wrong.

In D6 you have views2. Views 2 has the ability to create views and exposed Filters over user accounts.

You are a newbie? Try to create some default views. Have a look at Youtube, about some Drupal Tutorials. Views ist monster.

Some basics:
CCK = Content Construction Kit is to create content types with several fields. Example: You can extend a page with a fileupload or a imageupload.

Views is to create lists. All what is in the database you can list, search, sort.
Try something simple with views like a list of all nodes of a specific content type.


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Thannks I'll have a look!


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So I managed to create a view which does what I want with three filters.
How do I create the page where the user enters the search criteria and clicks the search button?

Use filters and set them to

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Use filters and set them to exposed. they appear above the table.


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Had to set the path... Now I have a search going...


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I'm trying to build a similar things where I have user specific fields and wish to have a search that will search the info the user enters into the search box. I've built my view with the particular filters and users, however, I can't get the search results to show up when I submit. How did you set it up so when someone enters something, the search results will show up?? Thanks!


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I am new to Drupal, and would like to create a view that has search capabilities. The first view, by location (city, state) the second search view by a users role or membership type and then (city, state)> i have read a few posts and got some good information, but get confused as to how to create the view.

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