Social Networking Sites

This is the group for people who want to discuss Drupal's social networking tools. These tools include modules like Buddylist, Organic Groups, Invite, FOAF, Private message, and so forth. Sites that currently do successful social networking are:

The goal of this group is to foster communication between the developers of Drupal's social networking modules, discuss roadmaps, and collect community input.

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Drupal Dev Days

2018-07-02 (All day) - 2018-07-06 (All day) Europe/Lisbon
Event type: 
Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

Drupal Dev Days 2018 Lisbon

Drupal Dev Days 2018

It's official! Save the date for Drupal Developer Days Lisbon 2018: 2 - 6 July, at ISCTE-IUL University.

More information about tickets and call for sessions coming soon!

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Drupal 8 social network integration rewritten (thanks Google)

Drupal 8 social network integration and functionality is being rewritten and harmonised thanks to Google grant. Expect more unified social network user interaction and config management.

Tomorrow's (Wednesday's) Drupal Social API call (Hangout On Air) 3pm CEST 27 July 2016. Join at
We'll post exact invite code just before 3pm CEST. Be ready for it – headsets recommended.

To be included in future weekly calls follow
and join

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Questions before Building a new social network site

I'm looking forward to build a social network site with many facebook/Linked-in similarities. A fast intro :
I didn't use drupal before, but I'm willing to learn how to use it.
I'm not a programmer, but I know some basics in programming. I know Drupal is not easy to fully understand, but I have enough time to learn with fast pace.
Maybe it's some fake hope, but I can see that the idea of the website is not there although needed, and I'm expecting the site to grow.

My questions :

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Blogging type

Hello friends,

Are the dynamics of blogging changing ?

I am trying to come up with a social network site, weighing options of blogging modules (microblog/twitter and statuses)

Some blogging modules don't have dependencies ( either User rationships or OG rules) which sounds like they do broadcast.
Its like only statuses has a User relationship context

So is sharing "Stories" shifting between from groups to all sitewide members."every one"

Thanks for your opnions

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Drupal Half-day Sprint, Work on porting Drupal7 module to Drupal8

2014-11-29 08:30 - 13:30 Asia/Kolkata
Event type: 

Hi All,

We are conducting a half day sprint on Saturday November 29 2014.
Location: Unimity Solutions Office, Kasi Arcade, T.Nagar, Chennai.

Everyone is welcome; if you have built a site in Drupal, you can contribute. We will split into pairs and work on Drupal core issues. Bring your laptop. If possible, install git before coming and git clone Drupal 8 core. For new folks: you can get a head start also by making an account on and taking a look at the Drupal Ladder

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Selección de grupos al crear contenido

Buenas a todos...
tengo un pequeño problema que no se como gestionarlo.

Tengo configurado drupal con grupos privados y en cada grupo sus respectivos administradores y usuarios.

El problema viene cuando un administrador quiere crear un contenido (documento, evento, etc...) a la hora de seleccionar el grupo ve el listado de TODOS los grupos existentes en la plataforma en vez de únicamente los suyos, es decir, en los que esta matriculado y/o es administrador.

Como podría gestionar para que solamente viesen sus grupos?

Gracias a todos de antemano!

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Shareable Calendar like Google Public Calendars for drupal

I create a little site, that is related to an Online Game Community. Like the Drupal Community this kind of neighborhood is spread all over the web. I'd like to made the internal site Calendar to be a public one so that it is very easy to Implement the calendar to another website.

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Developer | Sander-Martijn

Employment type: 

NOTE: I have put together a team and am currently staffed for this. If that changes I will return and edit again.

Drupal developer looking for immediate help on a large project.

I'm working on a large social networking site (actually a series of them) and I have gotten behind, largely because it's a much more significant undertaking than I expected. I'm looking for another freelancer who can jump in right away and help me catch up. Depending on how it goes it could be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

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Field Relation Between Content Types and Some Questions

Hi i am working on a social media site about movies and got a few questions.

I have two content types named "Movies" and "Actors" (have picture and name fields).

In Movies i have a field collection has two fields; name and character. This name field is a node referance to Actors content type. And for movie page i create a view block for cast list.

In this way i can link actors and movies..
What i want is actors pictures. When a actor name add this list automaticaly add her/his picture too.. How can i do this, probably it has a simple solution but i stuct this..

Thanks all..

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I'm looking to create a site
that lets the user create and change their page,
theme, pictures, videos
like Myspace had in the beginning of the 2000.

Could anyone help me find or develop something similar?
I would love to have some help working with my project if anyone is
willing to go big, world wide big and in it for the long run.

I recall it allowed the users to use code to change their profile and add change pictures...

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Formato fecha en los comentarios

Buenas, necesito cambiar el formato de la fecha en los comentarios de los tipos de contenidos.

Ahora mismo tengo "hace x días XX horas" y me gustaría que apareciese la fecha de creación/publicación.

Alguien me puede ayudar?

Trabajo con Drupal 6 + Commons...


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Crear Q&A

Buenas tardes, necesito hacer algún cambio en la programación cuando se crear una PREGUNTA con el módulo "contrib/answers".

Alguien sabe exactamente el lugar del código donde se hace el INSERT en la tabla node?

Gracias de antemano

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Problema al utilizar Q&A en un grupo

Buenas tardes, tengo un problema al utilizar el Q&A asociado a un grupo. A la hora de crear una Pregunta, en vez de hacer un INSERT en la tabla NODE diciendo que es de tipo QUESTION, lo que me hace es un UPDATE del registro del GRUPO convirtiendomelo en QUESTION, eliminandome el grupo.

Donde esta el problema o que es lo que lo puede estar causando?

Necesito de vuestra ayuda!


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Getting started a project what should i do for future?

In summary: Getting started with a very large project you need to pay attention what? and should i start a base theme or from scratch?

i am starting a very big project with drupal 7. It will be a social media website and contain a lot of data like users info, pages, groups, live feed etc. I will do the design and css myself from scratch.

Getting started this kind of website for good performance in the future what kinds of things I need to pay attention to?

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Marcar documentos anexos como leidos

Buenas tardes, necesito conocer aquellos archivos anexos dentro de un tipo de contenido, por ejemplo un documento, que han sido leídos... pero no encuentro ninguna forma de hacerlo.

Es decir, yo tengo un DOCUMENTO con 3 archivos adjuntos: A1, A2 y A3.

Si el usuario U1 accede al documento y se visualiza/descarga el adjunto A1, necesito que se le marque de alguna forma.

Así como si el usuario U2 es el que accede a los adjuntos A2 y A3, estos se le marquen de alguna forma...

Es posible? Como se podría hacer?

Muchas gracias por la ayuda!

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Lead Developer | Coconut Inc.

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

We are looking for a stellar Drupal Lead Developer to join our creative team! This position will be responsible for implementations of a Social network websites and mobile applications. This person must have a can-do attitude and be willing to learn different technologies. This person must work well in a collaborative environment, possessing the ability and personality to take and give direction to other programmers when needed.


Drupal 7 or above, PHP, MySQL or MS SQL, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, module development, theming, high traffic, scalability, security


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Drupal developer | Phoenix

Employment type: 
Part time

We are building a social network that includes features like activity feeds, friends, contents, messaging, chat, forum, groups…
Some of features need some refinement/fixing, and other features should be built from scratch.
So we are looking for a developer to help organize the features building.

Please specify your rate and availability.
And use my contact form for communication.
Thank you.

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Evento con participantes

Hola de nuevo... estoy buscando un "modulo" o un "añadido" para que a la hora de crear un evento de Drupal Commons 6x se puedan añadir de alguna forma los participantes.

Es decir, crear un evento por ejemplo "Charla de mecánica" e inscribir en este evento a los usuarios "user1, user3 y user6".

Es posible? Como?


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Editar vistas y desplegable de crear contenido

Buenas tardes, estoy empezando con Drupal 7 tras mucho tiempo con la versión 6 y me encuentro con mis primeros problemas.

Como puedo editar una vista directamente desde la propia página sin tener que ir a menú > estructura > views y buscar la vista que sea? Es decir, en Drupal 6 aparecía un "botón" para editar la vista directamente.

Y ya que estamos... como puedo poder el típico desplegable de Drupal 6 para que un usuario pueda crear un Blog, Documento, etc... en un grupo?

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Cambiar titulo de la pagina de usuario

Buenas, tengo un pequeño problema con mi Drupal Commons 6x.

Resulta que cuando pinchas sobre el nombre, nick o foto de un usuario, vas a su página de usuario... y el titulo de esta página es su nick. Necesitaria que en vez del nick fuese su nombre y apellido.

Alguien sabe donde cambiarlo?


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