So Long, Internet Explorer 6

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On September 11, 2011, the Drupal project scored a huge win. Dries Buytaert committed a patch, officially dropping IE6 support in Drupal 8! This is exciting news for Drupal, as it will allow us to get rid of some legacy baggage, and use more clean and modern coding techniques. It also translates to less of a burden for contributors. We won’t have to deal with so many annoying bugs during the course of development and testing.

Internet Explorer 6 had its tenth birthday a few weeks ago, so it was about that time. Usage has been going down steadily (currently it’s less than 10% worldwide), and even Microsoft is campaigning to put it to rest. Some very large sites have already done the same, including Google, YouTube, Facebook and WordPress.

So now, the discussion moves forward to dropping support Internet Explorer 7. Google has already taken the lead and announced that as of August 1, 2011, they’ll discontinue support for IE7. There’s still a good amount of time left in Drupal 8’s development cycle, so dropping IE7 support is a possibility. If you’ve got an opinion on the topic, please chime in here:


After the IE6 news!

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After the IE6 news! Interesting to know about for IE7! is also sent to fragile mode.

Silence is golden.

First of all, statistics. The

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First of all, statistics.
The more statistics on the use ie7 some were six months ago and some today.
That way we can know what will happen in six months, I guess.


Yeah I agree with stats. I'd

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Yeah I agree with stats.

I'd also love to know what IE7 workarounds we actually have in core. was a 12kb patch and I got the impression there's a lot more things to remove/refactor which are less straightforward.


hear hear

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Save IE6 !!!