Sawtellicon Valley - October Meetup

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2011-10-10 17:30 Australia/NSW
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User group meeting

In which we finally admit that we are not actually in Coffs but in the much cooler Sawtellicon Valley. It's all happening over here in hipster geekville.
If anyone has the patience or interest I will regale the gang with:
- Stories of the riots that were London DrupalCon.
- My recent adventures with CSS3 Media Queries, free 'Mobile First!' Kool-aid for all.

However I expect others of you will have much more exciting tales to share on all the fantastic Drupal related projects that seem to be blossoming all over the region of late.

It will also be great to share our plans for the next few months before summer madness takes us:
- We already have a likely contingent of three developers attending the Melbourne DDU Conference.
- Projects/Plans and Ideas
- I will be trying to convince you all to ride to Coffs on 12 October for Ride2Work day. Go register under 'The Nerd Collective' , Sawtellicon Valley, Coffs Harbour, NSW.

Bring your ironic moustaches and steel bicycles along to Almatech Towers and share in the web dev madness that is Drupal.


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