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We spend most of our discussion here talking about what isn't working, so I thought it would be nice to point out something awesome: we are currently down to only 100 issues in the "needs review" queue. That's a number we can get through in the next week, and then have no backlog for the very first time ever since sandbox reviews started. Reviews should be much, much smoother after that. Yay!

Last week, I would have said 100 is a lot to get through in a week. But now it's clearly possible because just a week ago, the number was closer to 300. Several people have been helping bring it down so quickly, but one person in particular, klausi, has done a ton of reviews. I think klausi alone has done more than 100 over this past week, so surely all of us combined can do this last 100 in the next week. Also, yay klausi!


This is really an exciting

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This is really an exciting moment. We move several people to "fixed" recently and I'd like to keep that rolling. Moving an issue back to needs review is good as well since it gives people a more clear path toward getting their code fixed, but I'm hopeful we can give people clear and encouraging paths toward fixed as well.

Very exciting times. Thanks to everyone for their work and a huge thanks to klausi.

I started sampling the queue

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I started sampling the queue on Friday to see how many issues are in which state and here's a graph that shows our progress. I'll keep updating it as time goes on.

It shows roughly what we probably all know:

* the past few days have been great
* the vast majority most of the projects were moved back to needs review though the 'fixed' group is steadily growing.


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I am so happy to hear that you got it down bellow 100! Keep up the good work:) Ive helped a bit here and there.

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Drop another zero ...

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As I type this, we're current under 10 ... and I haven't been watching, but it looks like we may actually have hit zero today ...

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