Creating a subtheme of the next version of Acquia Marina

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I have a question about updating and sub-theming. I currently have Acquia Marina 6.x-2.0 installed and am looking to update to v3. but want to keep the current theme in place until I get v3 completely together with an updated aesthetic for the site, etc. . . I currently don't have Fusion installed and am unsure of how this will impact the update.

How would I go about accomplishing this?

Creating a sub-theme of v2 and updating it to v3?
Will renaming v3 and uploading it to the server work on it's own without an updated version of the base theme?



Acquia Marina 2.0 doesn't use

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Acquia Marina 2.0 doesn't use a base theme, so installing Fusion Core on your site will have no effect on the existing theme. Acquia Marina 3.0 requires that the Fusion base theme be installed and will not function correctly without it. You could theoretically rename Acquia Marina 3.0 and have both versions of Marina installed on your site at once, but I would not recommend doing this.

As with any update to your site, the best course of action is to clone your site onto a development server, where you can freely experiment and test changes without impacting the site that your visitors see. Once you are confident of the outcome, you would migrate to and/or duplicate your changes on your live site.

I strongly advise against any upgrade approach that doesn't involve testing on an independent clone of the site.

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