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  • Coder review of sandbox projects
  • A tool to do status changes on issues. We need it to do "in needs work status for 4 weeks and no response, move to something else like won't fix and post a really nice message" but this seems like a nice tool to have for project_issue.module in general
  • General coder cleanup/enhancements


dreditor VBO

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Regarding status changes: dreditor has a semi-secret vbo branch that allows you to execute mass operations on issues: So it should not be a problem to close old issues manually every few months.

Sure, but even better would

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Sure, but even better would be if it happened automatically by a robot instead of a human.

It saves time, makes sure it happens consistently, and I think it's easier to hear the message if it's coming from a robot.

robot prototype

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I was getting bored doing this by hand, so I created to automate it a bit.

Do you have the source online

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Do you have the source online somewhere? I'm using a simple bash script to automate the same things, currently not in a mature state ... which I will publish soon.

This functionality is being

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This functionality is being built into .. perhaps you should join in the coding effort there?

On a side note, these FSCKING captchas are CRAP! I've entered it correct 5 times already.

@ELC I just found out this

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@ELC I just found out this afternoon, missed that one, do you have a link to the issue?

There isn't really a single

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There isn't really a single issue there are quite a few things that need to change. The issues all seem to be listed in that post. The rest of the related material is just on the code-review group page - mostly the titles with "Project Application" in them.

The modules being modified are project and coder. Apparently there's talk of creating a new module specifically to deal with project reviews, but I haven't been able to find reference to it yet.

And here is my Bash script:

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And here is my Bash script:

Have a look at

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Have a look at, be advised code can be messy ;p

Code assumes presence of drush make and content type isn't added yet, I'll add it later.

did you forget to push?

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did you forget to push?

almost, i forgot to commit

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almost, i forgot to commit first ;p

new version based on features added

Script is executed using

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Script is executed using drush patest-all

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