Could someone please take over this group?

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I'm currently the "Manager" of this group but am trying to cut down on my group subscriptions and desire to leave this group. When I go to "My Membership" for this group, it states: "You may not leave this group because you are its owner. A site administrator can assign ownership to another user and then you may leave."

So, anyone interested in taking over the group? Please let me know by posting a reply here.

Thank you!


Got it

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I took it over so you can leave. I don't have time to be a good manager, though, so if anyone is interested in stepping up to actively maintain it, I'll be happy to transfer ownership.

Thanks for starting the group. When D7 comes out I'll see if I have time to update it.


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Group need?

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Is this group even really needed anymore? I agree with Walt. I haven't cleaned my group list in awhile but this seems like one of the first ones to go.

Since the d.o update system has been put in place we now have the Upgrade Status module that will give you a list of all the modules on your site and if they have been ported to the new core version. It is a dynamic system that takes care of at least what I used the group for.

Maybe it is time to let it fall to the wayside.


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That does cover a lot of it but a wiki page is nice for writing up your intent, which can't be captured automatically. Or writing if your module won't be upgraded and why.

That's a long ways off. We'll see when the time comes how much interest there is. When I started the list originally, there were a lot fewer modules. With 4K and growing, I'm not sure a group like this is practical anymore even if it is useful.


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In theory, this group could

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In theory, this group could not only be used as a centralized source of information, which is truely superflous, as dragonwize states, but also as a place to unify efforts of upgrading modules. I suppose this was partly the original intent, as well:
A central repository of not only "Where are modules right now?" but also of "What needs to be done to get everyone to the newest core version?". To really pull this of, this needs one or more people really investing quite some time speaking to maintainers, checking the issue queue, trying out modules, ..., that I find this ideal unrealistic.

aggregate & compare data

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Many D6 modules are not really ready for primetime yet (I KNOW!!!), and most of my clients are still on D5. I happen to HATE the Upgrade Status module, (1) because of the lag it causes, and (2) because of how much it terrifies my clients. On D6 sites, I run it during development but I deactivate it before handing the site over to the client. I know I'm not the only person who feels this way.

Still, I often need to make module recommendations for clients on both D5 and D6. Usually these recommendations are based on a projected timeline for upcoming development, and I must allow for "hack time" if suboptimal solutions (such as crippled modules) are deployed. So it's not the Upgrade Status module I want to emulate: I'd prefer to aggregate into one place some of the data from the module and issue pages themselves. That's why I joined this group, and that kind of info is what I hoped to find here. IMHO the "modules" page should do this, but alas. So.

Following in line with tstoeckler's post: while there are tons of issues in hundreds of modules and it makes no sense to list them all in one place, there are still many candidates for inclusion in a huge centralized table which could supplement the main modules page (which is difficult to use unless you know what you want already). It could be a place to make broad comparisons of aggregated data and general concensus, assisting you in choosing one module over another from the same category. For initial brainstorming...


Most of those columns should be self-explanatory. The color code would be the traditional red-yellow-green. "AVE" stands for "Average Value Estimate" and this could be formulaically determined. For instance, AVE might equal:


...and the "Status Constant" may be 1 for "green", 0.5 for "yellow" and 0.25 for "red" modules.

A lot of the data in this table could be aggregated from existing pages on d.o. Other data would have to be researched or submitted by people interested in particular modules. But IF this theoretical table became popular due to its usefulness, module maintainers might pay more attention to it, wishing to appear up-to-date here. Could it be automated in any way? Because it looks rather like a custom View to me...

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