Cloning a content type

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Is there a feature to clone an existing content type on the same drupal installation. Here's what i'm trying to achieve.

content type - job_posting_1 with certain groups and fields within them. This represents an application for a job posting and students can apply for the posting
now i want to create a new job posting for my company with a similar structure (but it may have minor changes to some fields). so is it possible to
clone job_posting_1 to job_posting_2.

I tried export and then import (with create) on the same drupal installation (Drupal 6.9 + CCK 6.x-2.1) but it broke down giving the message
the content type job_posting_1 already exists.

I changed a couple of fields in the export dump but was not able to import it. Is there a cleaner solution to achieve it ?

Thanks in Advance.

Yashesh Bhatia.

p.s. Perhaps D7 has it in store :)


When you do the export and

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When you do the export and import, check the variables carefully, I suspect you'd just have to change the type definition.


Is it possible to allow

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Is it possible to allow authenticated and/or anonymous users to add suggested fields and edit null fields without giving them full access to edit?

Here's an example:

Name: Bruce
Pet type: Dog
Sex: Male
Common name(s): Pitbull
Species: {Click here to add}
Genus: {Click here to add}
{Click here to suggest a new field}

Thank you, for your contribution.

Thank you, for reading. I appreciate any feedback, tutorials, pushes in the right direction, examples, etc.

How to clone a content type in Drupal 7