Implimenting Credit Card Payment with drupal

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HI ,

I want to implement a Credit Card Payment with drupal. I am not using ubercart module , through a custom module I am getting the user details and the product information . Now I want to implement "Credit Card Payment" from this .Is any one did the same ??Need help on this?

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If using PayPal as the credit

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If using PayPal as the credit card processor is an option, then look at LM PayPal.

You need to connect to a payment gateway

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You need to connect to a payment gateway. Ubercart has extensions to connect to popular gateways, but if you don't want to use ubercart or the newer Drupal Commerce, you will likely have to built out a module for the gateway you want to use. I prefer, but if you prefer another one like paypal, there may be a standalone payment processing module. A quick search for standalone modules didn't show me too much. It looks like all / most are designed to connect to UC or Drupal Commerce. If you are handy with code, you might want to see if you can integrate some of the code in those other modules.


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I have, paypal alredy integrated with my site .I want one more option (3rd option) by credit card . this is what my requirement .. i think i have to use custom module for this ..

Rabith Kuniyil.

But why go with custom

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But why go with custom modules instead of Ubercart/ Drupal Commerce? You would have saved tons of time...

Imran Khan
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