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Hi folks,

There are some important discussions going on about elections for "At Large" community members to sit on the Board of Directors for the Drupal Association.

Here are the key threads.

Drupal Association Board Elections--Ideas and Input Needed

Getting a diverse board for the Drupal Association

Are the 4 in-person board sprints necessary?

Please take some time to read through them, and post your thoughts. Please make sure your communities know about this.


DA Board Elections - Nominations now open

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Candidates Needed: Drupal Association 2012 elections are on!

Drupal Association At Large Directors nominations

To nominate yourself, login at

and go to

Donna Benjamin
Board Member Drupal Association

DA Board Elections - Voting now open.

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Voting is open to all individuals who registered an account on prior to January 18, 2012 and who have logged into that account at least once in the one-year period prior to February 3, 2012.

Make sure you are logged in to - then login to the Drupal Association site, then visit

There are 10 candidates. Review the nominations here

Full details here:

Donna Benjamin
Board Member Drupal Association

The elections happened... I was elected

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Hi everyone,

Steve Purkiss and I were elected to the board.

There is a board retreat coming up in June - I would like to better understand the issues being faced by the international Drupal community, so I can represent them to the board...

Do you have ideas? concerns? questions? Please post here, or find me on irc, or twitter, or use the contact form to get in touch.
IRC: KatteKrab - in the #drupal-association channel on freenode

Donna Benjamin
Board Member Drupal Association

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