Installation of a website in two options

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Hi all

I have developed few websites in Drupal. I have the knowledge of blocks, menus, views etc. Recently I got a project from client asking for installing a website in two languages English and Spanish. I tried to do it but somehow I could not get it.

It was strict deadline project so I could not do translation properly. Rest all was done.

I would like to learn how I can make a website in two languages. Are there any kind of options available like:
- To store the web pages in both languages and appropriate page is loaded on client side according to language. This should be good for a static website like corporate website etc.
- On fly translations using 3rd party translators e.g. Google translate etc. is available. This might be useful for website having more number of pages may be an ecommerce etc.

Any help or any link to some tutorial or blog would be really appreciated. Thanking you in advance. Drupal community just rocks :)



Download language packs

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There are packs on Drupal that can help you with that, when you install the packs you've got to go to Site Construction, and look for languages, after that it's very intuitive, also look on the documentation of the lang pack, it will help you a lot