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Hi everyone

I have been messing with Drupal and other CMSs for a while (3+ years). But I chose Drupal and stack with it since then no matter how hard the learning curve was.
So far whenever I had issues either I figure it out or search site for any possible solutions time being sacrificed. But now I want to save time and be efficient expediting my projects getting direct help from all my groups. Most issues being discussed here are grabbing my attentions because they are very important that's why I joined so many groups.

Currently I am building a site that uses views module so heavily. I already have created multiple content types, profile content types and multiple views (pages, blocks and attachments). But for search purposes I don't want to use views due to site-wide performance issues in the future. In one content type I have more than 10 fields that I want search engine to view. But it wrapps it in a paragraph tag and looks ugly. There is a way how to do and customize that but before I strart on customizing it I wanted your suggestions if there is an easy way to do it using a module. So do you know any module that you suggest?

If you know the easy way out please drop me a line.
Many many thanks in advance.

Sorry for talking a lot. I will cut to the point in the future.


Apache SOLR

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Try out the Apach SOLR project ( I'm not sure if your question is about your site's internal search feature, or about external search engine optimization. If it's the former, Apache SOLR has a ton of features like faceted searching that really improve performance over Drupal core's search and/or Views search. It's easier than you might think to get a SOLR instance up and running on a Linux server that has Java installed. Just follow the README at the module's project page.