Exporting Entities to CSV(or other files)

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I have written a new module Entityforms that allows user to create front-end forms that are entities. The submissions are also fieldable entities. I was wondering if there is a module that can export any Entity type, not just nodes and users, into csv files. I would want the ability to bulk export the submission entities(or any entity) to csv files.

I know I can do this with Views Data Export but I would have to make the view for each entity type.

Any ideas? I was planning on making a module to do this if there is nothing existing.


Exportable entities

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From a quick search I learned of the existence of some modules which seem to support some kind of entity export. However, they seem to distinguish between "fieldable" and "exportable" entities:


@Frank Ralf, thanks for the

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@Frank Ralf, thanks for the feedback

I have looked at these modules and none of them are what I looking. I thinking problem I am having googling around to find a solution is that export can mean different things in different contexts(pun).

I am using the functionality of the Entity API and cTools right now in the module to export the form types(another entity type). This gives you the ability to export entities into code.

The Migrate module allows you to import CSV and other files into Drupal entities. I am looking to go the other direction. So basically I am looking for the Migrate module in reverse.

What I image it would look like is something like the CSV export screen for Webform submission but for any entity type.

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Possible module which can help

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I'm currently working on a module which can export and import data from Drupal instances. It's at:


It is designed to be expandable by adding export/import profiles. If you check it out there is a branch called all_content_types where this has been taken further. This branch is not complete yet - I'm adding the export/import of files attached via upload or CCK fields.

Basically - there is a whole framework in place - and you can add another file into profiles/ to add another export/import profile.

If you think this may be of use then reviewing the current 6.x-1.x branch and (hopefully) setting the project as be ready for community review would be a big help.

The issue ticket is at:




How to export my Products in to Csv file in drupal?

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I have tried views data export module for creating csv file , but can any tell me what is code for exporting data from database into csv file by creating custom module .

Entityform Submission export

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pity is not even on alpha version...

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