Drupal 7 Internationalization and Localization Book: Advanced Topics Request

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I'm currently writing a D7 i18n book for Packt (hopefully out in March). I've written the chapters on the regular stuff: interface translation, node translation, field translation, blocks, views, menus, taxonomy, users, comments. I'm now working on the final chapter that has advanced or less common topics. So far, I have:

  • Panels
  • SEO
  • Theming
  • Ecommerce (via Commerce module)

If there is a topic that you'd like covered, please leave a comment. I can't promise it will be included (page count is very short), but, if it's something of general interest, I will try!

Also, if there is an issue that you had or are having with D7 i18n that you want to make sure is included, feel free to leave a comment. For example, the Metatag module currently doesn't work with field-translated nodes so that will be mentioned along with the URL to the issue so people can track it. Perhaps you have experienced some pains or some a-ha moments that you'd like to share!



Hi Kristen,Regarding to

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Hi Kristen,

Regarding to Panels you might be interested in this issue: http://drupal.org/node/1179034
I'm optimistic we will be able to extend functionality from translate the pane / page title to other configuration items - as soon as the basic approach is verified.

Related to SEO / Metatags - did you see Meta tags quick ? We use it atm. and our customers are happy with it. I really like the "fieldable" approach :)
One "unsolved" issue atm. is the multi-language capability of the Page title module - there is an open issue about the patterns: http://drupal.org/node/383358 but as far as I know the manual management totally lacks multi-language support.

EDIT: Oh, I forget to mention that right now a code sprint about "Translation Management & Workflows" is in progress: http://drupalevents.ch/drupal/codesprint-2012


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Thanks, Peter!

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Thanks for the feedback...

I did notice the Panels multilingual title issue but haven't tried the patch yet... will do that.

I was aware of Meta tags quick but haven't tried it out yet... I will try to do that so I can at least mention it as an alternative to Metatag.

Thanks for the Page title issue. I did see that Page title doesn't work with entity translation yet, but I will also include this issue as well. Pathauto does have a nice way of setting patterns per language.

I'm glad to hear about the code sprint!! Not sure if I'll be able to include much on the workflow stuff... I had heard that the Translation Management module was a bit buggy for D7 so I wasn't planning on even trying it (though I will mention it). I was thinking about discussing the creation of a simple custom workflow though with triggers, actions, etc. if I have time & space.


mirrored domains

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Thanks, Kristen. You probably covered it in intro, but many of my clients have different domain names based on language, such as xfoundation.ca and fondationx.ca. Just want to make sure that's in there.

Joe Murray


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Hi Joe,

Thanks for the response. Yes, I have something very brief about this (just mention you can set it up that way) but I don't provide the details for how to set it up as it's system administration task rather than a Drupal task (other than setting the domains in the detection/selection settings).


Hi Kristen,I would love to

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Hi Kristen,

I would love to see anything Drupal and SEO related. I think it is a great idea to write a book for D7. Thanks for asking for our input!

Multilingual SEO

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I actually spend quite a few pages in chapter 5 on multilingual SEO.


I'm working on a multi

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I'm working on a multi lingual project right now. I'm excited to get my hands on your book. I am sure your section on multilingual SEO will help me greatly. I don't feel like I am very efficient on multilingual SEO and could use all of the help I can get! Thanks Kristen!

Multilingual SEO

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The book should be out any day... actually, I'm surprised it's not printed already.

You can preorder it at:


And, they have a DrupalCon Denver promo code at:


(search for Packt)

Hope you find it useful.


Thanks Kristen! I'll be sure

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Thanks Kristen! I'll be sure to save the promo code!

Promo code

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I think it's only good until April 27th... check the sponsor page to be sure.