February DrupalPGH Meetup - Drupal Commerce :: Wednesday, February 22, 2012 7--9pm. Plumb Media, Garfield.

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2012-02-21 19:00 - 21:00 America/New_York
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User group meeting

Since our usual meeting date falls on Valentine's day, we're pushing back one week and one day to Wednesday the 22nd.

This month's topic:

Drupal Commerce
Nik Stoltzfus / Plumb Media


Plumb Media
5131 Penn Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

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Unfortunately, the date change conflicts with the regular date and time for the Web Design Meetup at Image Box. As was pointed out when DrupalPgh met at ImageBox last month, the two groups now regularly meet on back to back Tuesdays. There are several who attend DrupalPgh who also attend the Web Design Meetup and I think it is fair to say that we find them both worthwhile (I found last night's WDM especially helpful).

A non-Valentines Day during that week or, alternatively, a day other than the conflicting Tuesday during the same week would enable people to attend both WDM and DrupalPgh rather than force them to choose one over the other. There were others who expressed a concern last night but it needs to be said online if an accommodation to eliminate the conflict in schedule is to be made.

I'd like to attend both, but if I'm the only one, then I'll just make a choice after the both agendas/programs are announced.


I don't know if we have

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I don't know if we have anyone lined up to present this month yet: if we do, we should probably still do the 21st. Not ideal, but if only ten or so people show up we could run things with more audience direction, personal q&a and the like.

If it doesn't look like we have anyone presenting, maybe we should scrap Feb and all show up at the web design meetup. Field trip!


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I was trying to get in touch with Nik about Commerce, as I think that's likely to be an interesting topic. Haven't heard back yet, and haven't heard from Bruce on the space yet either, so it's all still up in the air.

I'd be happy to lead a

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I'd be happy to lead a "Random questions about Drupal core" discussion if anyone is interested, or do a walk through of one of the modules in the Examples for Developers project.

I would also be up for a field trip ;)

Good with either option...

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...or moving the date if there's consensus on when.

My preference is to still have a Drupal-specific meetup, even if it's on a different day, rather than preempting it in favor of the Web Design meetup. There's definitely something to be said, though, for getting out there and letting folks from other meetups (web design, php, linux, etc) know that we're here.

nix on the Web Design fieldtrip idea

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I ran the idea past John since his meetup on Tuesday night was packed. I had logistical concerns which he concurred with. There is already some overlap of attendance, but the DrupalPgh meetup at his place last month had 15 attending and even discounting for the overlap, the extra number would overwhelm his space. Accommodating a larger influx would require finding another venue and all that hassle.

John said that while his meetup is certainly open to anyone attending, he didn't want to officially have the next as a combined WebDesign-DrupalPgh meeting, which is what a "field trip" would amount to. He would also feel obligated to shift the focus of his meeting in order to make it more specifically relevant for the Drupal crowd and they've already set their next topic to be generic on project management. If he had the space, it would be a bit different, but John would appreciate DrupalPgh having its own meeting, the optimum solution of course being on a different date.


meeting topic idea

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The topic this month at the Web Design Meetup was about what to expect as the biggest issue in 2012, which it was suggested will be "responsive design." Drupal has several solutions which I am taking a look at now. I wish I had experience with it and could do more than just mention it. However, if anybody has experience doing responsive design projects with Drupal, that would be a good spin off of the January WDM and maybe John could let his attendees know about a DrupalPgh presentation on it. Who knows, it might spark more interest in Drupal among some WDM fence sitters who haven't decided whether to try Drupal yet.


That's a good thought -- I

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That's a good thought -- I like the idea of providing interrelationships between the various meetups we have going on around Pgh. In a couple months I'll be able to present on this, but definitely not right now.

Reality Check

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It's almost February. We need to make a decision about this month's meeting so people can plan for it -- waiting till a week before is tantamount to cancelling, IMHO.

Our options:

  • Meeting on Tues the 21st. Pros: Meeting will happen on a Tuesday. Meeting will happen as planned for the last month. Cons: Conflict with WDM. Likely less attendees.
  • Meeting on Tues the 28th. Pros: jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $No_conflict }); BOOM programming humor. Cons: Moving the meeting all over the place. Brings it uncomfortably close to March meeting.
  • Meeting on alternate weekday, week of the 21st. Pros: Won't conflict with WDM. Cons: People have said Tues is best. Mon might work, since it at one point was the default, but we're not going to get enough feedback to guarantee happiness from all parties by then, might still be a tiny meetup.
  • Finally: Forget it. Cancel and have a month off.

My feelings are Mark, whichever of the first three options you can lock down the commerce presentation for, let's do that day. Can't please all of the people all of the time, but if we don't make a decision soon, we're going to please none of the people at all this time.

Presentation and Location Option

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I thought I'd jump in here so that Mark doesn't have to play middleman.

I did finally get back to him about doing a Commerce presentation and I'd be up for it if there's interest in that topic. I am perfectly happy to share the meeting with or bow to another topic if there is greater interest elsewhere.

For me, Wednesday [the 22nd or 29th] would actually work a lot better as I have Monday and Tuesday evening engagements for the next two months. So, if we decide on a Mon/Tues meeting, I wouldn't be able to participate.

Additionally, if we're still looking for space—depending on our potential numbers—our space at Plumb Media might work. I'd say we can probably fit about 12-15 here, but with any more it could get a bit crowded. We do have a projector and I could have stuff setup in advance.

Open to any thoughts or suggestions.


Thanks, Nik!

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I'm totally in favor of doing Wednesday the 22nd this month. I think Commerce is a great topic and a lot of folks will want to learn more about this. I think the space sounds great, too, but the presentation may attract more than the capacity.

Any objections? Otherwise, I'm going to go ahead and switch the date.

Sounds good to me.

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Sounds good to me.

Drupal meeting

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I'd like to go to the next Drupal meeting. I'm new at this though and I'm assuming all your topics of discussion are way above my head but I'm hoping to meet up with some people that might be from the University of Pittsburgh. We have a new site and I'm having difficulties with installation.

Good for me

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I can do on the 22nd, even if wednesday and I'm definitely interested in Commerce (Thanks Nik).

Mark, you have green light from Me.

lutheran, I'll be there and I work at Pitt.


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bad nwes... at least for me!!
I will not be able to make it tonight: no baby sitter and conflicting meetings in the family.

Please share presentations and/or notes.


Fun time. thanks

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Great presentation. Thanks Nik!

Most Welcome

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Thanks Stan and thanks to all who came out last night. Happy to have been able to host and present and thoroughly enjoyed the initial and ensuing discussion. Huge thanks to Mark as well for inviting me to present and for continued organization of the group.


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would you be able to share the slide that you used?
I so regret not to come, but I could not really make it.



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I'll package up the slides and the two demo sites [w/ DB dumps] that I used and post a link back here.

Unfortunately a lot of it was a demo using those sites, but if I have time I'll add some notes about which modules I demonstrated.

I also recorded it on my

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I also recorded it on my husband's Flip. I don't know where the cable is, but he should be able to find it this weekend.

Do we have a Vimeo account or something to post videos to?

I'm not great at post-processing, so if anyone wants to edit and EQ it, I can send it along. Otherwise, I'll just put up what I have.


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Yeah, there's a Vimeo, not much up there. Either send me the video or ping me offline and I'll get you set up.

I can do the post processing.

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Send me the file. Try attaching it to an email to David@RelaxNow.Org. If it is too big, we will have to work out another delivery method.