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Our meetups only work with input from you! Without input from the community we will quickly run out of interesting topics, and get bored by having the same presenters all the time.

With that in mind we'd love to see as many of you as possible proposing your own presentations, and topics you would like to see a presentation about!!

Please leave sufficient details for us to contact you and confirm your availability to present.


eg. Custom Formatters (by Stuart Clark) <- you proposed to present, awesome!
eg. Views Wrangling () <- you proposed a topic, not quite as awesome, but still cool!

  • Drupal Commerce (Bernie Cram & Guy Owen)
  • Geo Location and Maps (Mark F)
  • Responsive development, mobile etc (Paul Dowsett)
  • oAuth & Services module (Stuart Clark)
  • Creating a custom field type (Kurt Foster)
  • Best Practices: DS vs Panels/Page Manager vs Context (Bernie Cram)
  • Drupal 7 Infrastructure
  • Backups, Webform data, Updating setting up interface so others can input content
  • Debugging issues
  • Module testing/Test Driven Development
  • Local-remote Aegir workflows
  • Continuous Integration with Drupal
  • Form and work flow application development in Drupal
  • XHProf - Overview of the XHProf tool which support is provided with Devel. A good follow on from Sime's XDebug presentation - By Gordon
  • Spam Buster 5000 - Methods of maintaining comment spam on a high traffic site with mollom, views and vbo in less than 10 minutes per day - By Gordon
  • Roll your own FOSS cloud hosting full one-hour practical workshop, previously delivered to Joomla! User Group (by Russell Searle)
  • How to evaluate modules - "There's a module for that" but is it any good?
  • Upgrades and data migration (Talk presented by Brian Gilbert March 2012)
  • Implementation of workflow and federated publishing experience in D6 (Richard Hayward, 5 min non-technical)
  • purl for region-specific content overview of custom module and functionality on - By sime*
  • Depending on audience on the day : Beginner: Your first custom Drupal module and hook - it doesn't have to be terrifying or hard! OR Intermediate: An introduction to Drupal AJAX commands, doing AJAX the Drupal way - (November 13 - Marton Bodonyi).
  • Intermediate Drupal as a CRM… What CRM tools does Drupal have available and what are they good for? Also, how to integrate with 3rd party CRMs and perhaps a sneaky preview of something new!

Discussions Topic:

eg. Book keeping, how do you do it? (led by Brian Gilbert)

  • Drupal books - where to buy them, how to match the titles with the people (led by Richard Hayward although I don't have the answers to these questions)

  • Design - Process, tools, workflow. Perhaps a panel? Invite 2-3 designers to come and talk about how they work, and how we could improve the way we work with them. (proposed by Donna)

  • Accessibility - Bite the bullet and move towards WCAG2 - what do we need to do? How do we do it? What are the gotchas?

  • SEO - is it all voodoo and witch doctors?

  • Usability UI and UX - Get William Donovan to come and speak (he had to withdraw from DDU)

Format Ideas:

eg. Can we have lightning talks?
* Panels - 2-3 people speak briefly on a similar topic, and then take questions
* Structured tutorials / training - for mentoring days - 1.5 - 2hr structured learning experience to build useful skills. Using the training / open curriculum thread as a guide...
* Case studies - from people who own drupal sites - but don't develop them. Hear about their workflows, frustrations, etc.

Extreme Beginners

Suggested by ChrisChinchilla, happy to present if i'm available that night…
How to install and get up and running with Drupal
Layout, Themes and blocks
Do more with your content with Views
Beginners Q&A - i.e. what's bugging you, what do you need to know and we'll try to answer
Robinoz would like to hear from anyone who has experience with CiviCRM. Keen to set up a site for non-profit organization.

Source Control

@hutch120 - Would love to know how people are using source control and Drupal in a multi developer environment. Dev->Stage->Deploy, anyone keen to talk about that?


Mobile App dev and Drupal

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sorry have to cancel - there seem to be no interest - will do a talk in the future

Got a few ideas on there, let

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Got a few ideas on there, let me know when they can be fitted in…

Update me

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Give me an update about re-schedule. Thanks


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