What CRM approach to use for Open Outreach? CiviCRM? native Drupal CRM?

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Membership management and other CRM functionality is a common need for the nonprofits and activist organizations that the Open Outreach Drupal distribution aims to serve. With basic organizational website needs now covered in Open Outreach, turning to CRM is a key next step.

But how? CiviCRM integration? Or native Drupal CRM functionality?

We'd love to hear from both CiviCRM users and integrators and those working on native Drupal CRM solutions.

Please add your comments and issue summary updates to the issue "Decide direction for membership functionality: CiviCRM integration? custom solutions?", http://drupal.org/node/1412866.



I added a reply to that

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I added a reply to that comment. I also summarised the "State of the CRM Iniatives" over there. If anyone else is interested. I'm going to wait a month before I put too much effort updating the documentation on the groups because things will change so much I think but basically we have a client that wants CRM work with a deadline of 1st of March. So we hope to have party working with a client by then and then we'll start posting site recipies and case studies of exactly what we did.


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