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Official CiviCRM support for Backdrop CMS

Poking the Drupal 8 bear:
"If you've been holding back from using Backdrop because your site requires the popular and powerful CiviCRM, hold back no longer. You can now easily install CiviCRM on Backdrop, or migrate it from your Drupal 7/CiviCRM setup."

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Payfast integration

Hi all

I need to find a someone to provide ad hoc dev and design support for a couple of small Drupal sites I maintain (for non profit companies I help).

Right now I need to hire someone to develop an extension to integrate Payfast (or a similar local gateway) into a CiviCRM 4.7.16 module on a Drupal 7.54 site.

Can anyone help?

Davy (0842078148)

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CiviCon 2016

If you're not already registered to attend CiviCon in Ft. Collins, Colorado, the last day for early bird rates is Friday, April 8!

If you're feeling lucky you can register to win a free ticket from Skvare. We're giving away one complimentary registration to the conference on June 2­-3, 2016 ($229 value). Sprint and training days, lodging, food and transportation not included.

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How we do ticketing at the Western Australian Museum

Thought I would post up links to three blog posts about our ticketing system. We use Drupal and CiviCRM for our ticketing system. The blog posts spread over a 3 year period and the system functionality has been improved dramatically over that time.

Late 2012

Late 2013

Early 2014

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Seeking consultant to help Chicago non-proft West Town Bikes

West Town Bikes is looking for a consultant to help with our new site which is close to release. The site has CiviCRM integration. We are a non-profit youth and community program provider using the power of bicycles to strengthen and improve the city. Interested parties should contact Michael Young here or at 312-656-1953/

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I need help with my project

I have been working on a project for a healthcare centre and its a website that has a backend that stores all the patient information and the transactions made. I used CiviCRM for the whole database and for recording transactions i used Contributions but then there is so much extra information that i don't need especially on the search forms. I just want to have a simple search form that can search by date and name. How do i tweak the search forms and there are some fields that i cannot remove from the admin settings. Please Help

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Database & Marketing Coordinator | Seattle CityClub

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Position: Full time, exempt. Reports to Development & Marketing Manager.

Start Date: ASAP

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Back-end PHP/Drupal Developer - Build the future of news websites | The Monthly

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Job Description

We’re seeking a passionate and experienced full-time back-end Drupal 6/7 developer to join the small team at our office in Collingwood, Melbourne.

Skills & Requirements

You are a great back-end Drupal developer with at least two years’ experience with PHP and HTML/CSS. Drupal theming experience is highly regarded, as are skills in JavaScript and jQuery, but not essential.

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Drupal and/or CiviCRM Developer | Freeform Solutions

Employment type: 
Full time

Drupal and/or CiviCRM Developer
Deadline: Sept 30, 2013
To apply - submit your resume and applicaton form here

Freeform Solutions is one of the leading organizations in Canada serving the technology needs of not-for-profits. We are looking for highly motivated and exceptionally talented individuals to join our growing team.

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CiviCRM developer | Various

Employment type: 

I'm not sure if I need a module, extension or custom report, but I need to produce a tightly formatted csv file.
The examples attached show what I can already produce (just adding 39 custom fields to the builtin "Bookkeeping transactions report")
and what I need to produce. Each line is one contact.

  1. I need the values for option fields NOT labels ie I need "1" or "2" not "yes" or "no".
    "1201" not "English"

  2. I have had to make all the custom fields searchable so they appear on the report. I would prefer not to have to do this as some of my folk are pushing the limits of how many custom fields they can have.

  3. Column AN is a calculation of "hours contributed last quarter" for each contact. At the moment I am adding it manually - it needs to be automatic

  4. The header row is unique. 7 columns are fixed - always the same.
    Column D may be one of 4 choices.
    Column E needs to be "Year"/"Quarter" eg April to June 2013 is 2013/4
    Column H is the number of records.

  5. Approximately 100 blank columns have to be inserted between column AN and DT "ENDCLIENT"

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