Updating "why drupal use CVS" FAQ

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Trying to find a way to convince some of my class students, I found a solution on top of mysysGIT, tortoisegit, already usable since march 2009 :D

So, now git has an option as "usable by tortoise like users".

I realized this is a flame theme when I published and announce Maintaining a Drupal module using Git how-to, when webchick started Why is Drupal still using CVS and how can I help change that?.

Well, my point is: now it's kind of scary to modify the FAQ page.

I think it would be a good idea to make better argumenting on that page.

So.. any recomendations?


Is it accurate?

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Perhaps it's just my (admittedly) limited understanding of CVS, but is it accurate on that page to say that Git's tools and documentation are immature? There are different tools for sure, but I think that's a good thing. With other large communities like Ruby on Rails and the Linux kernel on it, it's been very easy for me to find Git resources and tutorials recently. Also, Github is the new coolness in open source right now IMHO. Drupal is all about openness and a democratic mentality, Git seems like a great fit to me.

Partly true, partly not

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I wouldn't say "tools are immature" (especially when compared to CVS) but Git's documentation could certainly be better (especially when compared to SVN) - see Scott James Remnant's recent blog post on that matter. On the other hand, I don't think it's right to generalize this point to all DVCSs, and imho it would be time to (re-)evaluate the documentation issue per DVCS.

git vs. subversion documentation

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I suppose the main reference for Subversion documentation is its online book which is usually compared with git man pages like git tutorial.

Git community book is some kind of new, so I refer it for better comparing.

@jpetso: I would really want to know why Subversion documentation is better. Naturally I see more pages, but what do you think is important and it is not there?


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Any claim that CVS is better documented or tooled when compared to SVN, or even git is bogus now. There's plenty of git tools for Mac OSX, but I can't find a single mac CVS client that's still maintained.

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