February GRupal Meetup - Performance - Boost/Memcache/Varnish

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2012-02-13 18:00 - 19:30 America/Detroit
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User group meeting

Ross is going to cover Boost.

Pichot is going to cover Memcache.

Ben is going to cover Varnish.

We can also probably discuss the built in caching and aggregation and answer any questions.


Tues Feb 7 ???

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I thought our meetups were held the 2nd Monday each month? Did I miss something (I was out of town the last two meetup)?

Whoa, I have no idea what I

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Whoa, I have no idea what I was thinking - I have fixed the date.

Not going to make it tonight

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Sorry guys, I am probably not going to be able to make it tonight to present on Varnish.
Here is an acquia webinar on the topic. http://www.acquia.com/resources/acquia-tv/conference/accelerating-websit...


Missing Again

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Have a great night everyone! I cannot make it. My husband has to work tonight, so I'll be with my little one!

Grand Rapids, MI

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